Virtual Baby Shower! How to Host it?


You’re a little bit sad because your in-person baby shower is canceled due to coronavirus outbreak and your friends and relatives are far away?

But nothing to worry, we are living in the 21st century where nothing is impossible even coronavirus itself can’t stop us to fulfil our wishes!

You can enter the virtual baby shower! Yes, virtual. How? I’ll explain to you-Your friends and parents all online which means distance matter solved.

Virtual Baby Shower ideas start with 2000, If you are unaware, no problem, I’ll gather the best tips, tricks and website-related virtual baby shower for you.

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virtual baby shower

Don’t be upset! You decide a due date that no one misses out if the distance matters! Technology helps you to get together for celebrations.

And this celebration is huge than real. Because you can invite as many as you want! This one is a great opportunity for you to pull off a fantastic and different fete to make happy the mom-to-be.

And maybe you become one who starts the trend of virtual baby shower in your zone. Do you like the idea?

Reasons to Have Virtual Baby Shower?

Many reasons included for choosing the path of the virtual baby shower one of them is epidemic(coronavirus outbreak). The second is our parents are far away and it would be hard for them to get together in these difficult days.

A few more reasons are:-

  • You want to try something unique
  • your friends’ circle is limited
  • want to include long-distance family members
  • you want to make your own planning
  • this one is your second baby shower

Already I received huge support and love with my first baby shower. I got pregnant soon the second time and don’t want items related to the baby shower because already I have!

How to organize an Online or Virtual baby shower

The Virtual Baby Shower is no different than traditional baby showers where everyone gets to meet with baby in person via video chat, Skype, Google Duo, or Facebook, Zoom.

A few things are going to have different. Like you can’t play the same baby shower games, baby shower refreshments, or real feelings of the in-person combine. Because virtuality is not totally replaced with real!

And you know the funny thing that many guests may come in their yoga pants! blame the virtual baby shower! But many come in with the party dress up.

You can hire a virtual baby shower company to make it more convenient. But if you’re tech-savvy you can do it yourself!

You can like the post:-


This website exists only for the virtual baby shower. You can arrange an online baby shower only under $80 that’s cheaper than the average in-person shower.

It provides you all-in-one-place what you need in the baby shower like the customized site and unlimited invitations (because many guests can be confused about video chat, so try to keep a manageable number), a virtual guestbook is printed when baby shower is over, games, quizzes and scoreboard, private photos and video album and links to your baby registry.

If you’re super busy then you can try a web baby shower. It saves you hassle and time. But if you don’t want to spend the money for the online organization and you have a wonderful tech-savvy friend circle to host your online event. Then let then to host it for you.

Facebook Virtual Baby Shower

Facebook is the best medium to contact all family members and friends. You can create a private event and allow everyone to add members who you want to invite.

First, you pick a baby shower date and then decide games, raffles, and bets you want to add in the event.

You plan a video chat for an hour and give all updates regarding the virtual baby shower. Let all join in and discuss the event. If someone wants to chat for longer, ask him to call you later. Video calling is a good chance to open a few gifts also.

What to Do at a Virtual Baby Shower

Till the due date try to post something important every weekend whether it is about games or any instructions. Below is the list of what to do:-

Baby Bet

virtual baby shower

Baby Hunch is the best site for a baby bet. There is no need for the participants to sign for the bet. It’s free and anyone can add pictures of their choice. Then you create the pool and let everyone to click a link to guess.

A winner is crowned who has the highest score of the guesses. The winner will get a prize and others participated will get an email of the baby announcement.

Diaper Raffle Quiz

virtual baby shower

Give thought to diaper raffle how to do this quiz online? You can do it wisely by adding your baby registry or baby checklist and. Now you message everyone if they want your address.

Let them know that every pack of diapers you got, the sender would get a raffle ticket. And on the day of the baby shower, the winner will choose randomly.( do it for you better). No need to print out the tickets.

Quizzes for Online Baby Shower

Pinterest is the best place to find out a lot of ideas about virtual baby shower. You can save ideas and post a quiz. Inform all to send you to answer via email or screenshots in the comment box.

Word Puzzles

virtual baby shower

Another great idea for a baby shower is a word puzzle and the place to find it is only Pinterest.

Games for baby shower

Online games can be a bit tricky. One game is very easy to leave a baby name idea for the future baby. Pinterest is the best place to find shower game ideas and modified them virtually.

Live Video

The online baby shower that means live video chat is necessary without it virtual event is not possible. And the idea of a live stream is way more fun and exciting for everyone.

There are a lot of options for a live stream but we recommend free services like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, Messenger, or Google Hangouts.

You and your guest need only an internet connection and cell phone or laptop with a webcam then only you can enjoy live chat. You can connect your computer with tv to see more clearly to everyone2w3.

Make your event more excited by playing games online. Ask your family members and friends ideas about online games before the shower date.

The key is to make your virtual baby shower like real by making fun with all. Video chats or messaging is a great way of interacting with each other and keep updating about the preparations.

Virtual baby shower quiz ideas

It’s very difficult to find out the free version for quiz ideas. Because it takes longer to print outs and also complicated for everyone.

So, post quizzes to all, that people can fill out these when they get time. On the due date, winners will get a digital gift card, if the winner scores the highest in the shortest time.

Most online quizzes are cost money and free versions are difficult to find for online baby shower. Below are a few options:

Online Quiz Maker

  • quick and basic quizzes
  • a free version is available for 25 responses


  • great fun but not private quiz can upload to post individual
  • It takes a longer time to make a post
  • you have to add image yourself and its size could be 625×415 pixels
  • You want to post a community, BuzzFeed can approve!


  • easy to customize
  • It offers quizzes, polls, personality tests

I used Queezly for my favorite baby trivia quiz that is best known as the mommy best quiz.

It shows the conversion rate only which means how many people took the quiz and shared it with friends.

Virtual Baby Shower Word Games

It can be time-consuming because most online word games are made for teachers. There a few printout games that can be shared with people and they have to complete them online.

The key is print out sites are more convenient for making your own copy or screenshots of the results. Online game makers are perfect for word games.

I had chose classic word puzzles online and filled the words into scrambler that’s crossword puzzle.

Below are the links where you can make your own puzzles:- (for print out only)

  • Print out for teachers only
  • you can sign up with the Facebook
  • and you can make a word puzzle
  • download what you made and print it

Discovery Education (for print out only)

  • This is about discovery’s search maker
  • used for print out only
  • it’s similar as

Pro Profs Brain Games

This site provides online tests. At the end of the game, all participants get a certificate with their scores. But you can’t see their scores. The other drawback is you can’t add up space in the word scramble.

How to distribute prizes for the word game?

As you won’t see the results! It’s very difficult to track who wins the game?

If you want to distribute prizes, participants will need to submit their scores. You try an honor system and inform everyone to tell the score and time period. The winner is in the shortest time and the highest score will be the get the prize.

More than half of the games were posted before the due date of the shower so everyone can get sufficient time to complete these games. It’s easy for you to announce the winner on the shower and distribute the prizes.

It’s a bit difficult to distribute the prizes online. If you had a virtual baby shower than prizes also be virtual.

Below are some online distribution ideas:-

Gift Baskets-If you don’t have time to make your own then try to send through an online retailer.

Big Ticket Item-You can send an Instpot via Amazone direct at the winner’s door. It’s not necessary to send anything you all can enjoy your virtual baby shower just get together and chat online.

 Baby Shower Games Ideas:-

1. The Price is Right

Hold a few baby items like bottle bodysuit, diapers, a formula can, etc. and ask everyone the prize of the items added together. Give minimum time and have all the guest to show their results to the camera. The winner is closest to the actual cost of the items.


The wonderful online drawing game whether you’re good at drawing or not, just connects the guests and enjoys the online game.

3. JackBox Games

This online website offers dozens of fun games that can be played via a computer, gaming system, or phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an online gamer.

Only there are limitations on people to play at one time but the rest guests can join as audience and enjoy the game party.

How to Open Gifts at an Online  Shower

virtual baby shower

If the guests send you their gifts, you can open the gifts in front of the camera to show everyone. Or the guests hold the gifts at the virtual baby shower day and want to open for you on camera that you can see(they will send their gifts after a shower).

If you receive the gifts after a shower and still you want to show them off. You can show these as a unique feature of having an online shower that it doesn’t have for only a day.

WebBabyShower allows your site to live the photos and videos up to six months or for a year(they charge an additional $50).

Facebook is the right place that your events are accessible for a long period if you want so. And you can post photos and gifts that you received after a virtual baby shower or once the baby arrives, show all your gifts to your guests and friends combine.

End Point

Really its a fun and unique idea to have virtual events. These types of events last long in memories.

If you also feel that your relatives and friends are far away. You can try a long-distance baby shower like us.

You can create your virtual shower with your own tradition, etiquette, and have great fun with all guests.

With your friends and relatives make your event successful by playing online games, distribute prizes, and open gifts.

Don’t pass on a baby shower if there is any kind of difficulty like coronavirus outbreaks.

Would you have an online baby shower? How did you organize the virtual baby shower? What were your fun ideas or games for an online shower? How did you all play these? If you have better ideas to share with all please let me know in the comment box below.