Pumping At Night: Tips How To Make Pumping Easier M.O.T.N


Has your baby started to sleep through the night? Don’t you want to wake him up? Are you pumping at night to avoid any uncertainty in milk supply? Are you’re an exclusive pumping mom who is dealing with milk supply problems?

I know if you’re here, definitely you want to know all about exclusive pumping and pumping at night tips.

Really pumping at night sucks, when the family is snoring loudly, even your hubby also sleep sound next to you but you’re sitting with hanging your pumps on the boobs for pumping middle of the night (M.O.T.N).

But what can he do with pumping job as he doesn’t have mammal glands! Nature makes mothers can nourish the world.

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pumping at night

when and why the middle of the night pumping is necessary?

I know pumping is a challenging job throughout the night. But it can be helpful for maintaining milk supply and avoiding the issues like:-

  • When you’re trying to establish a good milk supply
  • If you have a low milk supply
  • Your baby started to sleep throughout the night
  • Want to get rid of breasts engorgement
  • To get rid of Clogged Milk Ducts before getting worse
  • When Going too long in-It adversely affect your milk supply if  you keep hours gap between pumping session
  • If you allow your breasts un-expressed for 5 hours or more, you wake up with huge breasts like hard stones. Because of the breasts full of milk without expressing for hours. It may hurt if you touch them. It may lead to mastitis or milk blebs.
  • At night your body and mind are in a relaxed motion. There are positive waves are going through your body. Hence the Prolactin level tent to be highest during night hours and you can produce more milk than the day.

Now you understand well with the above reasons, the pros of pumping at night sessions are many and cons of not doing can be dangerous.

Anyhow reasons to pump in the middle of the night are very beneficial in the first few weeks after giving birth. Pumping mimics the baby’s natural sucking habits that are helpful to increase milk supply.

1. Get Prepared For Pumping at Night Ahead of Time

Really, if you do these small but important things for pumping at night help you a lot.

1. Put an alarm on your phone

This is a simple technique to remind yourself for pumping But put the phone on vibrate that it didn’t wake up your little one. Otherwise, you loaded with dual work stress-pumping and handling the newborn.

Try to put the alarm earlier before going bed so you can snooze a little between pumping sessions.

2. Let your body wake up itself

It sounds weird but this is an effective trick! How? I explain it to you. If you’re an exclusive pumping mom, how many times you have let-downs?

If you have 3 letdowns during the night. Those letdowns make you feel pumping at night. Response to your cues for pumping while sleeping. Just keep sleep aside get up and pump.

3. Wake up when the baby wakes up at night

In those first weeks after delivery, your baby wakes up many times in the middle of the time for feeding. Naturally, you also wake up with the baby. Use that natural alarm clock(your baby) for pumping at night.

Pumping At Night: Tips How To Make Pumping Easier At Night

1. Get Your Pumping Station Ready

The very first task to get ready pumping station before going to bed. Because you don’t want to be get frustrated for things like breast shields or cleaning your pump parts in the middle of the night.

However, make sure everything is set up and clean for pumping the middle of the night and keep this in front of you to get things easily.

2. Wake up your spouse for help

It’s to be said that it takes a village to raise a child! But it’s not true always. A little help can make the parenting journey easy and comfortable. I know pumping in the middle of the night sucks.

So, wakes up your spouse to get some help to feed the baby. He can help warm up the baby’s bottle or change the dirty diaper.

Explain to your husband how to bottle feed the baby. Once he understands the concept, ask him to bottle feed the baby. while you pumping the breasts and take rest.

3. On the TV or mobile to stay awake

OMG! staying awake while pumping is one o the hardest thing ever. Some women like to sleep while pumping But some can’t!

Because moms think of something that will go wrong if they sleep. I also liked to awake while pumping. The trick is to on your TV that helps you awake.

Play a comedy or light show to boost your mood level. Comedy show helps to release happy hormones from your body. And enhance your pumping to increase milk supply.

Your android also helps you to stay awake by watching your favorite Netflix series.

4. Pump and feed at a time

pumping at night

If you’re a multi-tasker, then pumping and feeding at a time save your time and you get back to bed much quicker.

Only you have to get ready for your baby bottle when you start pumping. This way there is no need even to get up.

You can feed the baby while pumping by holding your baby in the Crisscross position that makes you both easily complete your tasks of pumping and feeding.

5. Keep Snacks ready on hand

Before you noticed that when we wake up in the middle of the night. We feel hungry. It’s like we haven’t eaten for days! It happens mostly. So get ready your favorite snacks like Annie’s oatmeal raisins bars on hand.

These are made with many organic ingredients. These are a perfect balance of sweet, salt, and chewy. These are known for great taste and oatmeal helps to increase milk supply. That means a combination of taste and health in a packet.

It’s not necessary to have Annies bars only, you can keep ready whatever you like! The motive is to satisfy your craving to have something middle of the night while pumping.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water after eating snacks and using the bathroom. Because staying hydrated helps you to pump more milk.

6. Use a pump with a night light

You don’t have to keep the room dark, especially when feeding or pumping at the night, it is best to turn on a bunch of night light to not get entangled in the dark. Night lights are the best option instead of regular lights.

The night lights have two settings and light up the room and also keep the room fairly dark.