Power Pumping-What you should know about it?


As a new mom, you’re struggling with many new parenting problems like baby sleep, postpartum bleeding, trying to heal your vaginal stitches if you had. One of the huge problems is the low breast milk supply!

The only way to increase milk supply is power pumping but how? There are two ways to pump your breasts, The first one is an electronic pump and the second one is Haakaa! Know all about Haakaa pump here. 

Almost all moms want to pump more milk to satisfy their little one’s hunger and Power Pumping is the best way to boost milk supply

Worried about Low Milk Supply?

But before you start power pumping, you have to know all the aspects regarding it. First of all, you need to know the causes of low milk supply because many moms produce enough but worry unnecessarily that they are not producing!

However, you don’t know how much milk baby wants? But If your baby has regular wet diapers and gains weight that means he gets enough. Nothing to worry. You’re producing adequate milk to satisfy your little one’s hunger.

Now what? again you’re worried about not getting much with power pump. How could you get milk with power pumping when your baby drained all the breastmilk and left nothing.

There may be other reasons for low milk supply:-

  • If you are stuck on a scheduler
  • laziness of not pumping often

But once you start pumping, after several days you notice a consistency with your milk supply.

Tip: If you’re struggling with milk supply as the baby is now growing well, make an appointment with a pediatrician.Supply & Demand

power pumping

Milk production is a game of Supply & Demand.

Because cluster feeding signals the body to produce more milk as your baby needs more. Our body is an amazing machine after getting signals it starts to work fast and produces the milk on the demand.

Milk supply depends-how many times you feed or pump the breasts. You know your baby’s latching ability and power pumps’ suction ability is responsible for milk production.

Make the right choice while choosing breast pump-electric pumps are the best.

Remember one thing that not all the individuals are the same and neither their bodies. Some women can produce more milk and some less with a pump or breastfeeding.

Remember one thing if a power pump is used in the right way, you must be benefited from it but if you make any kind of pumping mistakes it affects adversely.

Milk Supply and Power Pumping

Sometimes you feel unwell. Sometimes you don’t want to pump. And your milk supply gets affected by your mood also.

Many moms are comfortable pumping in the morning time after long sleep hours they feel fresh. Some feel fresh after taking the afternoon nap.

So all mom’s body has its own milk-producing rhythm. If you want your baby to sleep well and let you sleep, read the topic of baby sleep mistakes.

The most important thing while pumping or feeding is to keep yourself full and hydrated.

Additionally, your milk supply gets affected by various factors like growing baby’s feeding habits, your own nursing pumping habits, your mood, your wellness, your ability to pump, and finally introducing solids to your baby(Weaning).

If you’re only nursing on-demand without any supplement or pumping, then your milk supply adjusts naturally with your baby’s demand

But if you’re using both methods-nursing and pumping or only exclusive pumping than your milk supply is varied.

What is Power Pumping?

Power Pumping sounds good but it doesn’t mean you start to produce milk right away & your breasts start to oversupply!

Power Pump stimulates like your baby is nursing frequently, which cues your body to produce more milk.

Mom using power pump to make sufficient milk storage because of emergencies like:-

  • for a short separation
  • if she falls sick
  • back to work
  • busy with family events etc.

Power pumping works best when you bottle-feeding partly Because if your baby nurses frequently then it’s very difficult to pump extra milk between feedings.

How to pump when you’re a full-time Nursing mother?

If you’re full time feeding mom and pumping only for extra milk stash then it is very difficult as your baby drain all the milk and leaves nothing for extra stashes.

Once your milk production stabilizes after a few weeks because first weeks after birth you have overflow as your baby is so tiny and can’t drain them fully.

Here you can pump the milk and make freezer stashes for the future till your baby grows well.

Below are many more factors that can affect your milk supply:-

  • Hormones
  • Illness
  • Medication
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • dehydration
  • weakness

If you think you’re dealing with one of the above problems and your milk supply is low, then cluster pumping helps greatly to produce more milk.

Important Note:- Always remember that no pump is compared with a nursing baby. Baby has a natural ability to suckle milk from the breasts.

And if you have a good latching baby than it is difficult to maintain extra stashes of milk that help you deal when there is need short separation. Because your hungry monster may drain all the breast milk.

How Power Pumping is done?

If you breastfeed and pump on a regular schedule but with precaution, you could get a good result!

Firstly, start pumping right after your baby completes feeding. Because already your breasts are stimulated.

You can do both the job at a time-one breast for pumping and another for nursing the baby.

After all, you’re a super mom and can do anything for your little hungry monster. This one is a great way to produce more milk.

Joke apart now the serious words, pumping for 20 to 30 minutes, then take rest for at least 10 minutes. Again start pumping for 20 minutes. The key is to mimic like a cluster feeding.

  • pump for 20 minutes, take rest for 10 minutes
  • After taking rest pump again for 20 minutes and rest for 10 minutes
  • Again pump for 10 minutes

Many women pump twice a day, that’s cool if they can. But once a day is sufficient because two cluster pumping with feeding causes stress and anxiety

I told you that mom can produce enough milk even with small-sized breasts. The size of breasts doesn’t matter! But if you’re suffering for low milk supply there could be many reasons.

If you have a medical history and hormones do not allow you to produce sufficient milk, then head to a lactation specialist to specify the reasons for low milk supply.

Don’t take any breastfeeding supplements and medicine without consulting the doctor. That can negatively affect your milk production.

Important Note:- Remember that every woman has a different body. Some moms get quick pumping results, while others take a bit longer.

Tips for Success Power Pumping

Below are tips to improve the power pumping sessions:-

  • Be hydrated, drink plenty of water all-day
  • keep breastfeeding snacks and foods on hand to fuel your body
  • Try to take rest when you get time because rest lowers the stress level and encourages letdown
  • Try both the methods at a time, feed your baby one side and pump by the other side. But you not comfortable with this trick you can skip it.
  • Try to continue pumping sessions for the entire hour
  • Always wear a comfortable bra while pumping and nursing.
  • Keep your breastfeeding station ready before you start nursing and pumping
  • Use breastfeeding covers if you are shy to feed or power pump in the public or at the work.

End Point

Power Pumping is really good when you’re facing low breast milk supply.

You have determined all the breastfeeding mistakes but still not getting the positive results, then head to lactational for getting a green signal to power pump.

While power pumping doesn’t take any stress, just keep a deep sigh, calm down, watch your favorite series on Netflix and enjoy the Power pumping.