Potty Training A Stubborn Baby Boy


Potty training turned out to be the hardest job when I realized my little boy is one big devil. I cannot compare girls v/s boys. But both my kids were pretty tough to deal with when it came to potty training. Although I used different baits with both of them, they compromised on the same one somehow!

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Of course, potty train a stubborn boy would be tough but there’s not a possible job that a mother can’t do. It takes time, sweat, some tricks, and treats to get them down on the business.

How To Potty Train A Stubborn Baby Boy

1. When Is The Right Time To Potty Train Your Boy?

Rather underrated but the idea to give your baby boy the choice to decide a time for potty training is more efficient than doing it without their will.

Let them learn about the concept. Don’t scare them off with your scary stories. Make potty training an adventure, the one their favorite characters went to.

My little boy didn’t agree on the whole potty training concept for a longer period than my girl. He took three fresh years to agree upon the potty training idea. Hey, if he is stubborn than I’m his mama!

My boy would decide on the potty time whenever I’d be taking rest, always. Little devil, I tell you. He would also make me smell his hands, letting me know he washed them properly. Haha

The deciding time can vary from babies to babies. Some take the early initiative into the potty business, others wish to delay the whole potty-training process. But that’s alright. It’s better to let them decide. Anticipation is the key.

Without anticipation and your baby’s interest, you’d be wasting time, effort, and patience. It’s important to let them decide. Babies love to take decisions like adults. If you did try without their interest. You can always take a break and start when your baby shows interest.

2. Checking Your Baby’s diapers

Before you start the potty quest, it’s important to check your baby’s bladder control. Toddler’s bladder takes up to 2 hours to fill up. If your boy indicates that he wishes to use the bathroom. Help him out through the process.

Or if you find him taking positions to use the potty or is just interested in the baby potty chair, there is hope.

3. Let Go Of The Diapers

Until your baby boy has diaper’s support, he probably won’t start to potty train and would just use the diaper. Let go of the diaper and instead, use diaper pants or being naked pant down will suffice, too.

How? Well, for starters you will have to keep a keen eye on your boy. Without any diapers, there are chances for many unwanted potty accidents. If you find your baby taking positions or they simply plugging their clothes, they might want to use the potty.

4. Time their bowel movement

Potty train a boy

It’s alright if you want to take your time cutting off diapers. It can be a big step, take your time. With that in mind, check your baby’s timing for bowel and bladder movements.

No diapers will help you decide that sooner than with diapers. If you see a pattern or a close time period between their bowel movements. You can predict their time to use the potty.

A scheduled Potty-time will help your baby boy and you as well. But don’t mind if your baby hasn’t maintained a schedule or randomly has a bowel movement. It’s only natural.

5. See If He Can Sit On The Potty.

Baby boys are jumpy and do not take a pause. But with motivation and your support, they can get a hold on it. See if your baby can sit for a few minutes on the potty and gradually increase the time.

Sit with him to motivate him, support him, and play with him. Tell him how his superman did the same!

If he’s acing trouble sitting up straight. Compete him into it. Babies love to it compete. Reward him every time he sits on the potty for a couple of minutes. Don’t just reward him for accomplishments but also reward him for his efforts

6. Use Potty Pants.

For them to potty train like a pro. They must be able to pull off their diapers like a pro.  Potty pants give them easier access to pull off their pants easily and then pull them back on.

You can also let them wander around naked. Babies will learn without diapers faster. If your baby doesn’t like to be naked, you can help him with a long t-shirt for comfort.

7. Notice If He Doesn’t Like Diapers.

If your baby boy starts to dislike wet diapers and asks to be changed. It a good sign that your baby is ready. Let him know the advantage of potty training in a fun way. Allow him to grasp the essence of no wet diapers.

You might also notice changes in his behaviors like pulling down his pants/diapers.

Get Him Used To The Potty

1. Get Your Baby His Favorite Potty

It’s better if you let your baby decide his own favorite potty, this would make him want to use his own favorite potty. Take him to a shop that’s full of varieties and his favorite character/shape/model.

Toddler potty chair has many shapes/sizes/cartoons. Let him enjoy his time. Also, let your toddler also choose his own potty diapers and long t-shirts.

Some key points to remember while choosing a potty chair

  • Make sure that potty is easy to clean and prevents splashing
  • Look for its seat. Make sure the seat is comfortable for your child.

Some babies love to copy their elders and their parents. They might wish to use the potty you use. Keeping that in mind, there are also adjustable Potty chairs and ladders that can be adjusted to a normal potty.

2. Visit The Potty Often

Potty train a boy

Even when it’s not the potty time, visit the bathroom or wherever your baby wishes to keep its potty every once in a while. That is every hour just to get a hold on it.

Sit with your baby boy and tell him interesting stories about the potty and their favorite character. Show them there is nothing to be scared by sitting with them in the bathroom on the adult one.

Let them get used to the potty before you actually let them start to use it. This way, they will build trust between themselves & the potty.

3. Potty Toys & Potty Plays

While sitting on the potty, let your baby enjoy some of his favorite toys or his favorite game. Make Potty time the most fin time of your baby boy’s day.

Making it a fun session will help your baby anticipate even further into potty training. Spend a good family Time at the potty junction, baby, mama, papa, and every other family member. Let their dad sit with them and do the man talk

Kids love to imitate their parents or elders. Sit on the potty for them and watch them copy you like a snake.

Keeping Motivated while Potty Train A Boy

1. KeepAPositiveAura

Potty train a boy

With Potty Training at hand, there would be possible potty accidents, intentional & unintentional. It can get stressful without any results but don’t lose hope. Have patience and will power, you will soon get a hold around them.

Don’t yell at your baby boy or get irritated, this might demotivate them in the whole process. Instead, keep up the thrill and fun.

Appreciate their efforts, give them rewards, kiss them, buy them candy every time they use the potty.

4. Appreciate & Reward Him

Potty train a boy

Your baby loves you and wants to make you proud so even if he makes some mistake, appreciate his efforts. Tell him how proud you are of him and embrace him with love.

The last trick is to reward him whenever he accomplishes a Potty-session. You can buy them chocolates, toys, their favorite things. They don’t have to be expensive since your baby might ask for a bigger one.

Since you will be doing this for couple of days, weeks, months, it better to start with small, cute rewards.