These Postpartum must-haves will save you from postpartum anxiety & depression. 

Mothers should not forget themselves whilst this postpartum journey. This postpartum must-haves list takes you from postpartum essentials to important healing tips. We have covered areas that will lead you to a fast postpartum recovery.

It takes 9-eternal-months of hardship and an unending labor & contractions period to finally be able to meet your baby. Postpartum is for you to nurture your baby & yourself.

Well, that and… labor & contraction is not the end. Postpartum, as well, comes with many hardships. That is, postpartum bleeding, breast leaking, loose motions, no control over bladder/bowel movement, C-section, etc!

This postpartum must-haves list will heal you and much more. In light of this, the transition from pregnancy & postpartum also comes with many new questions and curiosity. Shall we begin?

Postpartum Must-Haves You’d Need!

1. Sitz Bath

Giving birth to a baby stretches your muscles and pelvic zone. This sudden stretch would leave you with a very sore pelvic floor. Sitz bath gives you instant relief from that pain. Though it’s short-lived, the sitz bath also helps in healing vaginal tearing.

Sitz bath has close to no side-effect. Just don’t overdo it. You can use Sitz bath 4-5 times a day, depending on your perennial condition. Get it amazon here. 

Go for herbs sitz bath and heal naturally.

2. Belly Band

Also known as compression/maternity bands. These bands provide your back with light comfort & support. That is if you experience mild pain. Belly Bands also help you shrink your uterus

On the other hand, you can use maternity belts/compression belts if you have severe pain in your back or if you have been through Cesarean.

3. Maxi Pads

Maxi pads are for postpartum bleeding. It can stay up for 10 days max. You will witness spotting or light bleeding continue for 5-6 weeks. Although this bleeding period can differ from mother to mother. This condition is called Lochia.

Don’t use tampons to deal with Lochia. “Always Maxi Unscented Pads with Wings” is the brand many mothers trust and use. High-quality maxi-pads would bring you a great deal of comfort.

4. Acetaminophen

After delivery, some post pain is inevitable. Acetaminophen will help you cope up with perennial pain and body aches.

5. Witch hazel

It is a topical remedy that soothes your muscles. It tones and cleanses the skin. Spread a few drops of witch hazel on your maxi pads. It helps heal your perennial area.

Witch hazel brings comfort to your perennial area.

6. Water

Water is not only essential to you but to your baby. Breast milk is 88% water. You need to drink enough water to produce enough milk. MOthers often forget their own health at times like these.

But you must take care of yourself, only then can you help a new life blossom.

Drink on your instinct. Don’t overdo it. But if your body doesn’t send you thirst signals. You can drink 7-8 glasses of water a day. To help you with it, keep a water bottle close to you.

7. Comfy Underwear

This underwear has the capacity to hold full-sized postpartum maternity pads. Comfy underwears are light in weight, stretchable, breathable, non-absorbent material.

8. Overnight Pads

It guarantees to protect for hours from leakage. But remember the wrong fit can lead to leaks. It has better coverage for the whole night.

9. Tea

Tea works as a labor tonic and provides you menstrual support. We recommend Earth Mama’s raspberry lea tea because of its organic value.

Some Teas also help with milk supply. If you are dealing with low/irregular milk supply, Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea Bags will help you with milk.

Note: don’t take these teas or other supplements to boost your milk supply without consulting your doctors/lactational consultant.

Once your doctors give you a green signal, you can Get it here and improve your breast milk production by day.Image result for mother drinking tea illustrations

10. Cotton Underpants

Say bye-bye to your sexy lingerie. Cotton underpants don’t itch your already-stressed perennial any further. Cotton is soft on your body and comforts your swollen area.

Go for granny underwear. They are big, high-waist, and don’t strain your body. They are free. Trust me, free is what you want in your postpartum.

But if sometimes you wish to wear a sexy lingeries to feels sexy and fancy, here are Annenmy Women’s high waist cotton underwears. It looks sexy plus it is 95% cotton.

11. Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are a wonder. Your life would be messy havoc once your baby arrives at home. The least you do is not struggle with your clothes while providing your baby with breast milk.

Nursing bras give easy access to your breasts. They are just a hook away. You can just unhook the strap and the case is solved! Stock with many nursing ras, so you don’t have to wash them up instantly.

If not many, buy 5-6 nursing bras to make your postpartum as comfortable as you can.

These are some of the best one postpartum essentials for 2020

My recommendation over here is – Hogfish Full Bust seamless nursing maternity bras.

12. Nursing Pads

Your breast will leak very often. Most of the time, not enough milk to use a pump but enough milk to ruin your clothes. Nursing pads soak up these extra drops and keep you & your clothes clean from breast milk and the stickiness.

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads. is the number one selling nursing pad and they are disposable. These are waterproof, its one-way moisture technique makes it super absorbent and yet is leakage free.

Indeed the postpartum must-haves for 2020.

13. Peri Bottle-Best Postpartum Must-haves

Peeing would sting post-delivery, it’s going to take a couple of weeks for it to completely go off, especially when you had Cesarean and raw stitches.

Peri bottle gives you relief after using the bathroom. Simply fill in warm water & witch hazel in your peri bottle and use it every time you use the bathroom.

There are many products out there but we recommend Frida Mom Upside Down Peri bottle. Its upside-down ergonomic design allow you a better and yet soft pressure. Frida’s peri bottle has an angular neck for a continuous stream at the right spot.

Get yours here. 

15. Loose Pants.

You would need high-waist pants post-delivery, especially when you have stitches to take care of. Plus, these pants are loose, comfortable, soft, and do not hurt or scratch your skin.

They come with a drop crotch allowing your maxi pads and underwear to settle down comfortably without irritating every move of yours. Get Loose Pants here! 

16. Lanolin -postpartum recovery for 2020

Image result for mom breasts illustration

Mothers have witnessed chapped nipples from day 1 of breastfeeding in the hospital. With your baby to breastfeed 24*7 or otherwise, chapped nipples can be very uncomfortable.

Lanolin heals chapped nipples and facilitates your breastfeeding experience. Click on this link to get it! 

If you are afraid of chemicals, there are many organic nipple creams available in the market.

17. Perennial Ice Packs one of the best postpartum must-haves

Your Perennial can literally feel like burning sometimes and it can stay up for quite a while. These Perennial Ice packs are a savior. Use these when you are in utter comfort.

Don’t numb your perennial area, just for the comfort and relief. Get yourself a pack here Perennial Ice Packs

How long does it take to recover after giving birth?

Since your body has been stretched to its max, it would need time to heal to the max. The starting six weeks post-delivery/postpartum are considered the recovery period.

Healing can also depend on your postpartum pattern and situation. Hence, it’s advised to take full care of yourself and the baby. Don’t stress your body and provide it with full rest.

Some postpartum symptoms can ease off initially but others like sore nipples, backaches, perennial pain or pelvic pain stay up for weeks

How long can Vaginal Bleeding continue?

postpartum essentials

As mentioned before, vaginal bleeding, also known as lochia can last upo5-6 weeks. Although the consistency, composition, and quantity would alter with due course of time.

Normally, heavy bleeding would be witnessed for 5-10 at least! The color too will change its state, from red to pink to brown to yellow to yellowish-white.

Reminder- Tampons shouldn’t be used post-delivery. Why? Your vagina needs healing, there might be noticeable cuts or tears that tampon can easily hurt or infect. Avoid using tampons for 6 weeks at max and start only after doctor’s consultancy and postnatal check

What to Know about Postpartum Depression?

Giving birth to a baby and having a baby with you is a new change and new changes can be scary. You are a new mom, completely oblivion of the state and a little lost.

But it’s alright to be a little lost. It’s nature and giving birth to a baby is indeed a life-changing era. Postpartum comes with many falls, lack of sleep, hormonal turns, struggling into a new life that can be strict.

If you feel sad or overwhelmed, share it with your family/friends/partners. Tell them how you feel and ask for mental/physical support.

Love yourself & your baby at times like these but if the situation still persists, have a talk with your doctor or visit them once.

Don’t bottle up your feeling or don’t feel alone because you are not. It’s not unnatural and happens to every mm at least once. Instead, talk to professionals and let them help you with it.

What are some great Postpartum healing tips?

postpartum essentials

The following tips can help you heal faster and have better postpartum recovery:

1. Heal from aches & pain

Make sure you are not feeling any kind of physical pain. Physical pain can add up to your problem. Try pain-relieving postpartum must-haves up there.

If those do not work, you can always consult your doctor and let them know of your problem but don’t hide or try to withstand the pain.

2. Help your perineum heal.

Discomfort is another source of stress. Give yourself complete rest. Your perineum also needs healing. Try Peri bottle, ice packs, witch hazel.
If nothing works, let your doctor know of your condition, they will certainly help you to heal faster.

3. Complete rest

Don’t stress yourself with household chores or work that requires body and mental strength. You don’t need to do it. In fact, you and your baby need your body’s healing.

So, ask your family/friends/husband to do the chores or any work that’s required. And you, my mama, take complete rest.

4. Be kind to your breasts-comfy bras

postpartum must-haves

Always opt for nursing bras over normal bras. Normal bras can block your ducts and can lead to engorgement. Nursing bras go easy on your breasts, allowing good blood circulation and milk supply.

Any normal bra at times likes these increase your postpartum stress since you’ll be doing a lot of breastfeeding, it’s better to give your breast the air and comfort they need.

5. Exercises

Simple exercises like walking, joking, a bit of yoga here and a bit of meditation can lead you to a very peaceful postpartum. You can also do kegel exercise if you think your body is ready for them.

6. Care for your C-section scar

Ask your doctors for a complete manual as to how to clean your stitches. It’s recommended to not use soap or body wash on your stitches or around it. Wash your stitches with warm water and softly pat them dry.

7. Eat well & Keep Moving

Healthy eating is a must. You cannot except for things to go well for you unless you don’t heal. Remember that you need healing & energy. Both come off by eating. So, eat breathe and let go of all the worries.

Eat healthy meals, you can break them up into 5 meals. Eat plenty of nutrients and plenty of water.

End Point

Postpartum experience is new, raw, exciting, and challenging. You can embrace it and your baby to your core. Sure it can get overwhelming but hey… it’s beautiful and raw that way.

The mentioned postpartum must-haves will help you through it all. These must-haves make your life more comfortable and better

Follow these tips and let go of all the worries, you will be fine just believe in that, love yourself and your baby.

You can find all these postpartum must-haves on amazon, I have helped you with the links. But always remember, n all the postpartum odds, do not forget to enjoy this very special time of your life with your baby.

Peace out