Postpartum Essentials-10+Necessary Products For Postpartum Recovery


From postpartum essentials to really important healing tips, here’s all you need to learn and know about postpartum recovery.

New-to-be-mom who deliver the baby via vaginal or C-section wants to have the postpartum essentials on the hand to recover from postpartum depression ASAP.

It’s a little bit of an overwhelming job to collect all things related to postpartum but it’s very important for the first-time mom.

Here are all essentials postpartum checklist that help you to make your own preparations. Make a list of what do you and keep ready the postpartum essentials bucket to fight your postpartum anxiety.

Physical healing postpartum essentials for the new mom

It’s very necessary to recover fast from postpartum depression. Because new mom has a lot of crucial responsibilities like breastfeeding and taking care of her newborn.

1. Maxi pad

postpartum essentials

While pregnancy you’re free from your menstrual periods, But after giving both the whole scenario would change. You bleed heavily for at least 6 weeks after delivery. This situation- vaginal bleeding from the uterus is known as “lochia”.

Maxi Pad are the great warrior to fight with lochia postpartum bleeding. The pad hep to stop leaks at night. These pads are extra large than normal pads. You can sleep comfortably without any stress of leaking.

2. Acetaminophen

This product is great to heal perineal pain and overall aches.

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3. Sitz Bath

After giving birth you have a sore pelvic floor and hemorrhoids (postpartum bleeding). Herbal Sitz bath can soothe wounds, pains, aches. Along with soothing, it can also help you heal tears and reduce swelling. Get it amazon here. 

Sitz bath soothes your muscles. Postpartum is a great time to connect with your body.

4. Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is a must. After c-section and vaginal delivery, it helps to heal the body. Water keeps you free of constipation. Drinking plenty of water clears the urine and all toxins out from your body.

While nursing, keep a water bottle on hand and drink it after feeding your baby.

5. Belly Support

Belly supports the postpartum body to return to its pre-pregnancy shape. C-section mom finds it helpful as the belly band keeps pressure on a c-section incision that makes sneezing and laughing less painful.

6. Ice-Pad

The cooling sensation of an ice pack reduces pain and inflammation. You keep them ready before your baby is born. It’s worth spending time making them. Because these will provide great comfort during postpartum.

It is very easy to DIY the ice pads at home. Add spritz witch hazel, aloe gel, and essentials oils on an organic cotton pad. Dampen the pads but not fully soaked, warp the pads, and store them in the freezer.

7. high-waist, granny panties

Keep these panties on the hand because these are not only spacious for heavy particles and ice packs to fit comfortably but high waist help not to cause irritation on incision sits. The panties are made of organic material and good for the raw state of lady parts (vaginal tears, episiotomy).

7. Nursing Bras

when you enter the postpartum zone, you realize what is the importance of nursing bra!

All included factors help to ease your breastfeeding journey easy for you both.

  • One-hand access
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Hook & eye closure
  • Easy drop cups for convenient feeding

8. Nursing Pads

It’s normal to leak breast milk while nursing the baby. Nursing pads are essential during breastfeeding. Place the pads onto the nipple to absorb breast milk from leakage and protect your clothes from stains.

The best selling disposable breast pads in the US – Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads. These pads feature one-way moisture technology and waterproof lining for leak-proof confidence.

9. Peri Bottle

During postpartum if you have a vaginal delivery with episiotomy or tears, peeing will sting for the first week. Having a “Peri Bottle” on hand filled with warm water every time you use the bathroom because toilet paper is irritating to the sensitive skin down there. You can clean your bottle easily and gently with the peri bottle.

 Frida Mom Upside Down Peri bottle is best for postpartum care.

10. Dermoplast

Dermoplast is the best pain-relieving spray. If you had completed your birth process via vaginal, keep this nearby side. It relieves pain and itching around the cuts. I suggest you go with Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray. Use it a few times in a day for healing.

11. Meal Prep, goods and grocery service

It seems to difficult to engage in the kitchen for a lot of time for prep meal after delivery. because your newborn does not allow you to do this. He needs you for the 24 hours the day.

On the other hand, nutritious food is very important for postpartum recovery. So, be ready to prep meals in your third trimester. Stock up homemade, nutrient-dense freezer meals. Balance the protein, fats and essential carbs to keep your energy level up while nursing with the meals.

Postpartum healing tips?

postpartum essentials

Below are the tips to get rid of postpartum anxiety.

1. Ease aches and pains.

Ease your body aches and pain by taking a hot bath and having a  massage. Take an acetaminophen pain reliever for the best result.

2. Help your perineum heal.

Use ice packs for your perineal to avoid inflammation and itchy skin for a few times or the first day. Ice cool sensations keep the inflammation in control and soothe your perineal area.

3. Avoid Movements.

Avoid unnecessary movements like sitting or standing, and sleep on when your baby naps.

4. Be kind to your breasts.

Wear a nursing comfy bra. Use ice packs or massage if your breasts ache. The best way to avoid any kind of breast pain, let your breast air out after every feeding and use lanolin cream to prevent rashes and cracks.

5. Kegel Exercises.

Get started with postpartum kegel exercises(pelvic-floor exercise) when you think you can do it after a few weeks. But if you have perineal tears or episiotomy you have to wait longer for kegel exercise.

6. Eat well & Keep Moving

Eat well and get well soon just like you did during pregnancy, eating five smaller meals throughout the day avoid larger meals. Have a balanced diet with carbs and protein for energy, plenty of fiber (found in fruits, veggies, and whole grains) to help prevent heavy bleeding.

End Point

Getting help from your dear one is always give you extra support to recover fast from postpartum. You can take the help of your grandma, a friend, doula, or your husband. The postpartum period is very exciting, but also overwhelming. Don’t shy to get helping hands. Make your postpartum journey easy with the help of your near and dear.

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