9 Ways To Play With A Newborn Baby


How to play with a newborn baby?

My baby was enough healthy When I saw her I was crying happy tears. She was so cute and pretty with round big eyes, apple face, and weight 12 pounds.

She was enough fluffy I hugged her and kissed her that made her feel there is mama. Now she was in an outer world And her learning journey had started after birth.

Definitely you want to know the ways to play with infants. It is not a difficult job.

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Playing is like the first step baby learn to make communicate with mom and try to adjust to the surroundings. You make your baby recognize the things with the feel of touch, sound, or fragrance as you’re the first teacher at home.


1. Make eye contact with the baby

Play with a newborn

The first thing you have to do is gazing into the baby’s eyes. The simple technique to bond with your baby. This way you make her recognize facial expressions.

Researches say locking in eyes means alert baby brain waves to encourage communication between mom and baby.

2. Singing or lullaby for the baby

The second important thing to teach your baby to recognize your voice for better communication.

If you’re gifted with singing talent anyhow nothing to worry, sing a lullaby for your baby.

When you sing for the baby he also replies to you in grunting sounds and moves the legs and hands fastly.

Music is a fantastic way to soothing a crying baby. The baby response to your voice and stop crying. Music is the better way than talking with a baby.

3. Dancing with baby

All the day baby is with you and keeping an eye on what you’re doing all day.

The best is on the music, and make some dancing movements while doing chores. Dancing makes your baby excited and happy

 “one theory is that when people move in similar ways to us, we see them as being similar to us, so we’re more likely to consider them friends,” says Laurel Trainor, Ph.D., professor of psychology at McMaster University, and author of the study.

4. Try baby games to play with a newborn baby

You always feel excited to see your baby happy while playing games like blowing raspberries, peek-a-boo and patty cake.

Try to make your baby happy and laugh by softly tickle them.

5. Give baby a gentle massage

Affectionate touch and rhythmic movement are among the most powerful forms of communication between babies and their parents, so they’re great ways for you to bond,” says K. Mark Sossin, Ph.D., director of the Parent-Infant Research Nursery at Pace University, in New York City (source).

Touch therapy is always the best therapy. The great way to connect emotionally with the baby. Gentle massage is a great way to interact with the baby.

Body massage soothes crying and fussy baby, improve baby sleep, alleviate gas, and other symptoms associated with colic.

6. Bonding with a newborn

Hugging with motherly touch helps to improve the baby’s health. Showering of kisses and hugs make baby excited. These all help to stabilize the baby’s heart rate and body temperature and improve sleep and lower the fussiness. Hugging make a great bonding between you both.

Skin-to-skin is a way to play with a newborn baby

Play with a newborn


Skin-to-skin helps to regulate the baby’s temperature. It soothes a fussy baby, enhances the breast milk production. And the most important thing is a great bonding with the baby.

8. Mimic your baby

Sometimes we mother also wants to make some naughtiness. So, enjoy the game of mimic to your baby like a fun sticking tongue. Make some funny faces, the baby must repeat the action. That makes you feel happy that the baby is responding to you even when he’s a month old.

9. Reading Storybooks for the baby is the best way to play with a newborn baby

Play with a newborn

Sounds crazy how a baby can understand, what you’re telling him? Storybooks have a variety of coloring pages with cartoon characters.

“Reading a book to your newborn is a one-on-one activity that you can really turn into a special time with your baby,” says Mary Ann Abrams, MD, Reach Out and Read’s Medical Director( “It exposes the baby to the sounds of your voice, which is soothing for him.”

The baby responds to the sounds when you start reading the book. The colorful pages make her excited. This act distracts the baby’s mind and makes the baby sleep longer.

End Point

These fun games make your baby feel happy. You notice that your baby moving his hands and legs fast with sounds. Now he understands well that you’re playing with him. Playing with the baby is an important task for baby development. Because entertainment is a necessary part of life. Even our life becomes boring without excitement.