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Newborn Gross Motor Activities! (0-6 months)


It is pretty much given that babies are quick learners. Despite their inability to move, they come along with a lot more strength than you can account for. They will learn these 10 DIY Newborn Gross Motor Activities! (0-6 months)  in no time whatsoever.

10 DIY Newborn Gross Motor Activities! (0-6 months)

The initial months with your baby are ever so fast– they grow faster, they learn faster. Babies are attentive in their surroundings, the people around them. The urge to know/observe/memorize this new world they took birth into is only intelligible.

To adhere to all their curiosity, we can always put efforts to prep them up for the upcoming ever-green motor skills seasons. That will conclude– Move for themselves, look for themselves, grab for themselves, kick for themselves this new world,

What Are Newborn Gross Motor Skills?

Gross Motor Skills are the coordinated movements of large groups of muscles i.e., Hands, legs, arms, et cetera. Babies of age 6 or below cannot use their Gross Motor skills.

Some of the Gross Motor Skills (0-6 months) include:

  • Lifting head
  • Tummy Time(Spending time on tummy to use hands & legs)
  • Moving hands
  • Kicking
  • Crawling
  • kneeling
  • Trying to sit/stand without falling & with your help, of course)
  • rolling

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Despite babies not having control over their muscles. With your support & these 10 DIY Newborn Gross Motor Activities! (0-6 months) your baby & you will soon get a hold around them.

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Tummy Time

Tummy Time plays a very crucial role in your baby’s life. It helps avoid flat back spots, strengthens their neck and back muscles.

Introducing Tummy Time at an early stage will help your baby to learn sitting, crawling, walking faster.

Above all, Tummy time is the easiest way to get your baby’s gross motor skill game onnnnnnNN! Without further ado let’s jump to these 10 DIY Newborn Gross Motor Activities! (0-6 months)

1. Grabbing the balloon

Tummy time can be hard for babies in the starting months. So, starting with activities that do not require tummy time is a good start to activate your baby’s motor skills.

You can loosely tie up a balloon on their ankle or wrist and watch them have the best time of their life. They’d try to grab it or will kick their legs to watch them float like a delight.

2. Grabbing Butter Paper

The sound butter papers make is the absolute favorite of an infant. You can loosely tie it up on your baby’s wrist/ankle through a thread and enjoy the scene.

If you do not want to tie, you can hand guide the butter paper for your baby. It’s the kinkling sound they crave!

3. Tummy time on Shredded paper.

Make a frame either of pillows or whatever works best for you. Fill that frame with shredded paper. Put your baby on their tummies and watch them swim in the pool of kinkles.

Try to mix a few butter paper along with the newspaper to accent the kinkling sound babes love!

4. Tummy Time in a baby pool.

Babies love to kick in the water. Arrange a baby pool out in the sun, get your baby sun-kissed! Get your baby the safety gear and gently put them on the surface. Don’t ever let them go!

Don’t fill up the whole pool for safety major and make sure the water is of normal temperature and is safe for the baby. You can add toys in the pool– rubber ducks, rubber frogs, fishes, etc.

5. Sensory Bags

You can use anything that’s squishy. Liquids — Water, Oil, fluid mix, jello, solid — toys, water gel balls, beads. You can also add shredded paper, pom-pom or anything that makes an interesting sound.

To make sensory bags, all you have to do is take zip bags and fill them up with the things mentioned above. For fluids, you can seal it with tape for safety.

As the name suggests, sensory bags evoke creative sensations. Your baby would love to grab them, snatch them, feel them, hold them. You can either do it while having tummy time. It can also be done otherwise on the back.

6. Thermocol colorful balls pool

Take a big tub and fill it up with Thermocol calls. You can easily get these balls on Amazon. Put your baby inside of the tub. Support them while sitting up.

They would love the feel around them.

7. DIY Play-mat

Another in the list of 10 DIY Newborn Gross Motor Activities! (0-6 months) You can DIY your own playmat. Yes, you heard it right. All you need is an umbrella. Open it up and attach hanging toys on the strings of the umbrella. Toys that revolve, move and kinkle are the best choices.

Attach it to your baby’s crib or adjust it to the floor. Let your baby lie down the umbrella and enjoy their giggles.

You can do the same with the crib if not with the umbrella. Your baby would definitely try to grab the floating toys.

8. Oball

Oballs are great because children of any age can grab them! Stuff these balls with cut-up cloth pieces. Hand it over to your baby.

They will try to tuck them out with their mouths, hands or just simply play with the ball.

9. Painting

Through ages, if there’s one thing that babies love to do, it’s to get dirty! Pull out some paint colors and let them show some creativity.

You can make a sensory bags out of colors if you don’t want the paint everywhere. Either way, your baby will enjoy it.

Also, babies love soil. If you are the nature gal, get them out in the dirt. Let them play in the mud! They will be little piggies in the mud.

10. Grab Toys

Scatter teething toys around your baby. Babies love to grab everything around them and put them into their mouths.

Utilize this opportunity to let your baby have some great fun time chewing toys

End Point

These are 10 DIY Newborn Gross Motor Activities! (0-6 months) A quick reminder, don’t force tummy time onto your baby if they are not willing to do it. Let it be natural and let them be willing to do it.

In all these times, hype your baby up and join the fun play to double their fun. Also read, ‘9 Ways To Play With A Newborn Baby’.

Until then,