Newborn Essentials: 10 Practical Baby Must-haves


Needless to say, your postpartum hits right after you give birth & diapers aren’t the only thing you’d be needing. There are so many Baby Essentials to buy and so less time to do it once the baby arrives.

Plan a pre-birth shopping to buy all the essentials. This baby essentials list will conclude the other cart that calls out for baby essentials that we often disregard or forget to buy.

Needless to say, you’d be needing these baby items right after the birth and they are literal lifesavers.

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baby essentials

Practical baby essentials to add in your postpartum shopping list.

Without further ado, I’ll jump right into these baby items, from clippers to slippers!

1. Sound Machine

Once your baby comes along in the routine, sleep would probably be the only thing you wish for.

While it can be close to impossible for parents to sleep with a newborn, a sound machine can actually help your baby to sleep soundlessly.

baby essentials

White Noise Machine calms the listeners and provides a soothing rhythm to the background.

The sound itself resonates nature, you might hear a slow waterfall or trees brushing. It calms the baby’s brain into a deep slumber.

As a parent, I know exactly how important sleep is to the baby & to the parens.

Some of the great features of White noise sound machine:

  • Easy to travel with.
  • Come with six relaxing tracks
  • Auto-Off Timer
  • It can be used as a wall outlet or can also be used with batteries.

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2. Side-sleeping crib-Baby essentials

Babies wake up a lot throughout the night. Until you reach their crib to soothe them, their sleep is already completely ruined.

Also, while you are at it, the darkness of the night can actually lead to more accidents.

Side-sleeping crib allows you to keep your baby close to you safely without the actual risks of co-sleeping. You can just soothe the baby, feed the baby in no time with these easy to handle side-sleeping crib.

Some pointer on side-sleeping cribs: 

  • It’s height adjustable. The length ranges from 35cm to 52cm.
  • Soft padding and washable mattress
  • It comes with four wheels & brakes
  • You can easily attach it to the parent’s bed with two fastening straps.

3. Baby Swaddlers

This one’s an easy guess but a very important baby item. Babies have startling reflexes whenever they sleep away from the mother’s embrace.

Startled reflexes are babies’ response to the fear of falling in their sleep when their body is not supported. Baby Swaddlers support babies’ bodies inside of the swaddle, keep them cozy and away from startling reflexes.

Swaddles help your baby to sleep soundlessly & fearlessly. You can either DIY a swaddle with a soft blanket or buy one.

While the homemade swaddle can untuck itself, Readymade swaddle comes with tucks & buttons to keep the swaddle in place.

Itzy Ritzy Cocoon Swaddle comes with a swaddle & a hat to keep your baby cozy & calm. Some of the features are:

  • These swaddles fit babies between 1-3 months of age.
  • It comes with a reversible name card.
  • Easily washable on gentle mode.

4. Bathrobe.

I have seen Mothers regret not buying a hooded towel. It’s always hard to dry baby’s head with a single towel and the cold air after a warm shower can irritate the baby and make them fussy.

baby essentials

Hudson Baby Unisex cotton bathrobe comes with a cute animal hood to dry your baby well. It dries your baby’s head well and its thick fabric keeps them warm & cozy away from the cold air.

Some printers on Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Bathrobe are:

  • They are 100% woven terry cotton
  • It’s one-sizer and mothers greatly admire its size since it fits all babies equally. It might be a little big if your baby is small.
  • It’s soft on the skin that’s why mamas love it!

5. Electric Nail Clippers- Baby Essentials

Babies’ nails grow super fast. In fact, you might need to trim them every once in a week. You cannot trim their nails with adult size clippers since babies’ nails are very soft & tender.

baby essentials

In fact, mothers have shared numerous stories about how baby clippers do no good either. They have cried bloody tears on how unsafe it is to use baby clippers on babies as it’s dangerous and might cut their cuticles on the go.

The bblüv Trimö electric nail clipper has a sander technique that works on battery and doesn’t hurt your baby’s cuticles.

Other features of bblüv Trimö are:

  • It doesn’t make sound and hence you can use it while your baby is sleeping.
  • It comes with 2-speed modes. You can switch them depending on the need.
  • It works on babies age 0-12 months. Bblüv Trimö offers 4 adaptable trimmers depending on the baby’s age. (Read the manual)
  • Mothers love this product in terms of quality & its unending benefits.

6. Nasal Aspirator

Babies get a lot of Boogies with or without allergies. One thing that you would come to acknowledge is that babies hate manual nose bulbs. It makes them fussy and they wouldn’t allow you to use it.

The Comezy Baby nasal Aspirator is an electric aspirator that sucks out the boogies in no time and the fun fact is your baby would love it!

Some features of Comezy Baby Nasal Aspirator:

  • These aspirators come with battery features.
  • It comes with different modes depending on the booger.
  • This aspirator comes with sound tunes that distract your baby from the electric noise.

7. Wink Natural Baby Teething Relief

Babies can get very fussy once they start to teeth. This teething relief soothes your baby’s gum in no time. This product is doctor-approved and has no extra preservatives.

Despite its small size, Wink natural aid goes long way and asks only for pea-sized applications on swollen and painful gums.

You can use it on babies and toddlers as well for pain relief.

8. Bibs-Baby Essentials

You can either use cotton bibs or you also have an option of Silicone Baby Bibs. Cloth bibs get dirty often and you have to wash them every day to keep it stain clear.

On the other hand, silicone bibs are easy to wash and don’t get stains.

Some pointers on PandaEar Silicone Bibs are:

  • Their pockets are larger than other products store greater waste.
  • These come with adjustable buttons to comfort your baby’s neck.

9. Summer Diaper Sacks

Of course, you cannot carry diaper pails wherever you travel. These diaper sacks are easy to use and can contain more than 2 diapers. Mothers fondly talk about how handy they actually are!

These diaper sacks are odor-free and lock the smell inside.

10. Diaper pails

After delivery, you will realize how many times parents do have to change diapers every single day! You cannot go out to throw it every time and dustbin cannot lock the odor.

Munchkin Step Diaper pails lock odor like a pro. Mothers have even stated diaper pails lock odor even when completely stocked.

With these diaper pails, you don’t have to go out every time your baby dirties the diaper or you don’t have to bear with the smell wither, diaper pail keeps it locked for you.

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