Checklist Of Newborn Baby-Mother Needs


Pregnancy is a blessing for moms. Thoughts of a new member are arriving make us do some preparation to welcome the baby. The Checklist Of Newborn can help you what’ll need to purchase Before the baby arrives?

I’m a kind of a list person. And pregnancy must-haves list is important for both of us. Oh, I’m sorry! necessary for three of us including my baby and hubby.

This must-to-buy Checklist Of Newborn helps us while pregnancy, labor, and after the birth process. Things to buy off this Checklist Of Newborn before baby arrives is super helpful because it not only keeps me busy until my baby comes as I eagerly wait for the big day. And second not having to rush to the market for necessary things after birth.

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Checklist Of Newborn

I recommend you to update yourself with these baby essentials to buy before the baby arrives. This Not only engages you but is a great help after the baby’s birth.


1. Pick a Birth Announcement

Checklist Of Newborn

If your place is far away from parents and friends, or you want to share your happiness, a birth announcement is a great way to introduce your baby. You can find amazing outlets on Pinterest to introduce your baby.

If you have decided what you want about the birth announcement before the baby arrives, you are less stressed about picking a birth announcement after he/she is born.

2. Gathering Addresses

The more stressful work is gathering addresses whom you decide to send out a birth announcement.

It’s the best time to gather all of them before the baby is born even if you’re going to be a mom the second time.

You can complete the list in the word document with a label template and print them out for further use.

3. The waterproof bed pad is essential before the baby arrives

It’s not for the baby, but for you. What happens if the water break in the middle of the night and you’re lying on a gifted mattress that you love the most.

If your water breaks, the amniotic fluid would do some damage to your mattress. Avoid this stress and buy one or keep a plastic drop cloth that you use while painting. It may be noisy. So, grab a waterproof bed pad.

Benefits of the waterproof bed pad:-

  • small size but 4 layers of water protection
  • protection-wonderful absorbent and soft polyester fiberfill
  • Extra Absorption
  • double-sided

If your water does not break at home then use this item for postpartum leakage.

4. Pack Your Hospital Bag before baby arrives

Really, it is so exciting to prepare the Checklist Of Newborn before the baby arrives since you never know when the baby is coming?You should ready a hospital bag for you, for baby and for your husband. He is also excited like you and will help you in doing all preparations. Now the question is what  To Pack In My Hospital Bag?

5. Get your carpets cleaned

You and your baby are going to the spend majority of the day on the floor. And it’s not favorable if you have bad smelling nasty carpet and weird stains. So, let your hubby clean all this mess with a RentalRug Doctor Machine. Washing machine you already have at your home.

After cleaning you’ll feel fresher! Your little one will comfortably be rolling around on the floor. This new baby checklist makes you feel fresh.

If you haven’t done it, do it before the baby arrives. After birth, you or the hubby won’t be getting much time and energy to it. This baby essentials Checklist Of Newborn helps you to fight with parenting problems.

6. Decide a good Pediatrician

Ask your friends, family members, your neighbors, and new moms, look online for the best advice. Or confirm with your hospital for a good pediatrician who can visit immediately after birth to look after newborns. Add it to baby must-haves list to avoid any baby problem after delivery.

7. Pre-wash baby clothes

Checklist Of Newborn

Again, some don’t give importance to this but I did it with my second baby. I washed all my baby clothes with Dreft because it’s hypoallergenic that keeps clothes fresh and smell good.

Mostly, the pediatrician recommended baby detergent specially made for newborn babies.

8. Stock 2 or 3 Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding is the best for the baby as well as for the mother. The first thing in the breastfeeding kit is the nursing bra. Because breastfeeding doesn’t allow you to wear underwire bras for a few months.

I’ll recommend you to buy a nursing bra in pair. It’s very difficult to feed the baby with a regular bra. Nursing bras help you to put out your breast within a matter of seconds.

9. Check if your insurance covers a breast pump

If you’re a working mom than a breast pump is one essential baby item for you. When you’re away from baby, you can store your breast milk with the help of the breast pump.

It helps you to store breast milk at the time of sleeping through the night. That saves you from engorged breasts. Because breast may become like a hard rock if you don’t feed through the night time.

You may look at all insurance policies to see if it covers the breast pump. If not, buy Spectra S1 or Madela the best breast pump ever!

10. Prep Freezer Meals

Checklist Of Newborn

We six ladies in the same street were pregnant. It really was great fun to sit at a place talking about baby, discuss all pregnancy problems, and about preparations before baby arrives!

However, before one month our due date, all of us, pregnant ladies got together and made a giant list of freezer meals.

With our husband’s help, we made this trip of making meals a wonderful journey. This newborn checklist helps you eat without cooking. Because parenting does not allow you even to take a deep sigh. Your newborn wants you 24/7 hours

If you don’t have a pregnant friend. take the help of your family members and of course your husband. Make a lot of freezer meals to fight with the new parenting anxiety.

You can make like casserole recipes that can be baked in the oven. Lasagna, pasta, chicken fajitas many more you can grab all these here.

11. Install car seat

A car seat can be installed easily. So look for a place that offers car seat installation. Make sure they are installed correctly. Because you should never bring your baby home without proper safety.

12. Nursing Station checklist before baby arrives

If you have decided to breastfeed that’s a nice idea because it benefits both the baby as well as the mother. Here is the ultimate Checklist Of Newborn for nursing moms.

However, your breastfeeding kit included:-

  • Lots of bibs
  • Burp cloths
  • Breast pump
  • Milk storage container
  • Nursing pillow
  • Breast pads
  • cream for sore nipples

13. Baby Diapers

You need this right after the baby is born, he/she needs a diaper near about 10-12 times a day because of frequent feeding after baby birth. You can’t manage lots of poop without diapers.

So, stock up several dozen of newborn-size diapers but not buy too many as baby grows rapidly. Keep baby ointment and other barrier creams to prevent rashes. A couple of dozen disposable wipes or washable cloths for cleaning the baby bottom.

14. Waterproof mattress pads for the crib is a must before the baby arrives

Most people probably keep one waterproof mattress for protection. It’s ok if your pocket is not allowed you to buy a pair.

Pair help you in this way, you have to layer a waterproof crib mattress pads and then a fitted sheet and then another mattress pad and one another fitted sheet.

That way, if your baby throws up or wet the bed in the middle of the night, you have just pulled off one layer. Another protective layer is there in case this happened again.

15. Grooming

You don’t get enough time after the birth process. Your baby will not allow you to separate from them.

Baby birth is a big day and definitely you will want to capture these moments in the camera. Before the due time, a little glam makes you feel good. Paint the nail with your favorite color, buy a stylish maternity dress for photoshoot with your little monster.

16. New battery for the camera

A DSLR camera is best for a birthing shoot. It takes really nice pictures. You can use your android phone also if you don’t have any camera. Mobile is really good but what if there is no backup instead just in case.

17. Buy Maternity Clothes before baby arrives

After giving birth its very difficult to adjust in pre-pregnancy clothes. You can wear pre-pregnancy clothes but not immediately. It will take a few months.

You should buy maternity clothes before the baby arrives. Buy some in-between clothes that you can wear until you fit back into your regular clothes.

These clothes make you comfortable while feeding your baby. The postpartum body feels relaxed with maternity clothes. Give it a priority in your Checklist Of Newborn

18. Sanitizer

You have to face many visitors after birth. It’s nice to have a hand sanitizer in your hospital bag. Suppose when someone wants to hold your baby, politely hand them sanitizer.

Add the sanitizer in the Checklist Of Newborn before the baby arrives.

19. Test run for a hospital

Last but most important! If you’re going to become a mom for the first time and still have not decided the hospital for delivery. It is a good idea to do a test run and see how long it takes to get there when due time is near!

  • Choose a nearby but fully equipped hospital for delivery.
  • What floor to go in.

Because once you’re in labor, you don’t want to waste any time.