10 New Parents Mistakes That Should be Avoided


Really, bringing a bundle of joy at home can be exciting but a little bit nerve-wracking for new parents as it comes along with many new parents’ mistakes.

Motherhood is super messy but still lovable. Every day is a new day for the new mom to face new parenting challenges! New parents always make mistakes with newborns’ to the lack of experience!

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new parents mistakes

Parenting needs a time frame to learn all different aspects like breastfeeding, Breastfeeding pain, parenting hacks, potty training, how to play with a newborn? How to organize home with a new baby? How to take care of your postpartum depression? Many more…

But moms learn all the parenting challenges within a few months and become perfect moms for their babies.

Furthermore, new parents tend to make silly mistakes with newborns that are quite normal but with adequate knowledge, these mistakes can be avoided.

These common new parents’ mistakes are not harmful to the babies but negligence can be harmful! Thus baby’s safety is the first priority for the new parents.

We discuss newborn mistakes that possibly new parents make during first-time parenting after the birth process. Though these errors are harmless, parents seem worried and require professional’s advice to get rid of these parenting stress.

Not all moms but some mom start their parenting journey smoothly without facing any challenge with breastfeeding or reflux issues. But all mom can come across breastfeeding and parenting struggles.

10 Mistakes with Newborn Moms Should Avoid

1# Believing Everything You Hear Around

Bringing the baby home is the most exciting moment for new parents. The first days and nights are the hardest days for new parents.

Already mom is tired of the birth process and now with the postpartum phase. But how one could stop guests visiting in the first days and the advice you get from them? Even if you don’t, guests offer suggestions.

One says it’s good to sleep with a newborn? Others say it’s not good. Your besties say it’s okay if the baby sucks its own thumb but pediatrician advice for a pacifier.

“The only opinion that matters is yours,” says Alvin Rosenfeld, M.D., a child psychiatrist and author of Hyper-Parenting (St. Martin’s). “If you follow everyone else’s advice, you give up the most creative role in your life.” Friends and relatives can offer useful parent-tested information. But remember: Your and your spouse’s intuition are the best guides. As Dr. Spock once wrote, “You know more than you think you do.”

2# Car Seat Safety

newborn mistakes

The very first newborn mistakes new parents make is not practicing how to do baby care chores before baby arrives? For example how to change a diaper and clothes.

You can take the example of a car seat! How do you bring your tiny baby at home after you discharging from the hospital? Did you install Car Seat?

“Since hospitals require you to take a baby home in an appropriate car seat, be sure you have it installed before delivering,” said pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Shu, co-author of “Heading Home with Your Newborn. “Enlist the help of a child passenger safety technician, if needed.”

Now you can understand how important is the safety of your newborn! Car Seat can be a challenging task but you can do it with the help of the National Child Passenger Safety Certification Site.

Before baby comes, do a practice of placing a stuffed animal in the car seat to know how comfortable the baby feels there! Learn all the techniques of how to put your baby into those seats safely.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests how to place the newborn in the car seat tightly.

3# Always Back To Sleep


The American Academy Of Pediatrics suggests putting every baby sleep on their back, in their crib near mom’s bed, without any clusters like toys or other extra bedding.

Back to sleep is a safe sleeping position that saves babies from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Read the article here to know more about SIDS.

4# Not Breastfeeding on Demand

I know new moms are tired and exhausted after delivery. And parenting does not let her sleep well. Because of the lack of sleep, many parents allow their newborns to sleep for hours without feeding them. This one is a huge baby sleep mistake new parents make!

Lactation always advises for cluster feeding in the first days after birth. Cluster feeding means feeding on demand to establish your milk production.

when babies feel hungry they start crying. Even you just feed them. Don’t worry about overfeeding, Babies never drink unnecessarily. Feeding on demand saves you from breastfeeding pain and discomfort.

So, follow babies hunger cues, they show by sucking your fingers or crying loudly.

The best practice is to feed them every 2 or 3 hours before they start crying. If baby asleep, wake them up and feed.

5# Not Burping baby after feeding

One of the newborn mistakes is not burping the baby properly after feeding. May be new parents confused and worried about how to handle tiny and delicate babies!

So, they lay the babies down without burping after feeding them. Often new moms worried about how to handle the new baby?

The result is baby spits up and gag. and waste valuable milk. Maybe the babies wake up screaming because they feel pain in the stomach as they gulp and swallow lot of air while nursing. And this make babies gassy or fussy.

Proper burping gets all the air out that baby gulp while breastfeeding.

How to Burp the baby?

There are different ways to burp a baby:-

  • Sit straight and hold your baby against your chest, his chin is on your shoulder. Pat or rub gently till baby burps.
  • hold the baby in the lap or on the knees
  • Lay your baby on lap on her/his belly
  • If your baby is fussy, stop the feeding, first burp him.
  • lay a blanket no the floor and put your baby on it, and cycle his legs gently.

Try to burp your baby every hour after feeding or switching the breasts.

Burp your baby every 5 to 10 minutes if your baby is feeding on a bottle.

According to Gannon “Keeping the baby’s bottom firmly planted on my lap I move their whole body in a small, slow circular motion to the left for a while, then to the right for a bit,” explained Gannon. “I sit the baby upright a few times, and usually get a good, hearty burp, even without a gentle pat on the back.”

6# About Pre-burp

Mostly new parents make the mistake of not burping the baby before feeding. They think burping works better after feeding. But experts recommended pre-burp is the best technique to remove the air from the belly.

“I try to pre-burp baby for at least two minutes before starting any feeding,” Gannon recommended. “This helps eliminate the common spitting up and gassy problem that newborns often have for the first 30 days.”

If you start feeding with an empty stomach without because you pre-burp the baby, babies feed well and get the gas out itself at the end of the feeding.

The babies feel happy and comfortable. hey sleep well for hours and you can take a nap also.

7# Scheduled Breastfeeding

This one is the weird mistakes that new moms make to the babies. They scheduled the breastfeeding that can decrease the milk supply.

8# No Tummy Time

Often new parents exhausted with busy schedules after the birth process. And finding ways to take rest, sleep, and gossip. This makes them ignore the baby’s tummy time activities.

New parents let their babies sleep into the car seat, bouncy seat, or sleeper while talking with friends or walking in the garden.

Don’t you think it’s wrong? Tummy Time activities are a must for newborn babies. Like us, babies also get bored all day laying at a place without any entertainment.

So, when your baby is not sleeping, they should spend time on the tummies with parents. Tummy Time is important for a baby’s growth. Learn baby to grow and develop strong muscular, skeletal, and nerve system with tummy time activities.

9# Not Playing With The Baby

When you feed your child, you have noticed the baby makes coos sounds and running his legs in a circular motion. That means the baby wants to play with you.

But tired moms sleep down while nursing the baby. Talking and playing while breastfeeding not only entertain your baby but makes a solid bond between you both.

10# Comparing with others

Every individual is different and so your baby also. One of my friends always poked me” if your baby is sleeping for hours, No Mine is napping for a long time? Does she smile when you feed her? Mine is smiling!

It isn’t frustrating! What if my baby is not smiling or not napping too long? Take it easy don’t compare your baby with another infant. Negate all the criticism and let your baby do stuff itself.

11# Neglecting your husband

All the day moms doing baby care-breastfeeding, changing the diapers, soothing the baby, rocking him. When your spouse is close to you, you’re repeating the baby care story with him.

That’s not a good idea. Make some fun with him, crack jokes, or remember the romantic days, spend quality time, and forget the chores you did. If you can, hire a baby sitter once a week and make a date night.

“There’s nothing abnormal about having marital troubles and personal stress and feeling blue when your kids are little,” says psychologist John Friel, Ph.D., a marriage counselor in St. Paul and co-author of The 7 Worst Things (Good) Parents Do (Health Communications). “Making the transition from a carefree twosome to parenting an infant is the biggest challenge to many marriages.”

12# Neglecting yourself is also new parents mistakes

After giving birth mothers start to neglect themselves. Do you not think its new parents’ mistakes? Moms often forgot about their existence. She always seems busy with the baby. But if you spend half an hour a day with yourself. This makes you energetic to do chores efficiently.

The key is to take a coffee cup, sit calmly in the balcony, look up in the wide sky. enjoy the natural sceneries. You feel good. Or sometimes chat with your bestie. Some day handover your baby to his father and go for a long walk or to the yoga classes.

Making time for yourself after your baby is born is a necessity, not an indulgence, says Elizabeth Silk, a New York City psychotherapist who works with new mothers. Find time to talk with friends on the phone or go to a yoga class. “You need to nurture yourself so you don’t become mechanical or joyless,” Silk says. “The happier you are, the better a parent you will be.”

13# Not sharing the chores is known, new parents mistakes

Some moms do all the chores themselves. This makes them tired and exhausted. why do you not share baby care with your husband?

Involve your husband while bathing and changing the diaper of the baby. Try not to criticize the way he does work. But make him perfect by giving tricks on how to complete the baby care task?

“Some mothers say they want their spouses to help with the baby but then don’t let the guys assume responsibility,” says Kyle Pruett, M.D., a professor of child psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine and author of Fatherneed (Free Press). “A mom will say, ‘Make sure she doesn’t get cold, don’t overfeed her, and don’t play too much after she eats or she’ll throw up.’ And without realizing it, she has turned her husband into an au pair.”

While he’s busy with the baby, you take a long nap or enjoy your favorite show. Taking enough rest is important for your postpartum body. If you’re not giving attention yourself this one is one of the great new parents mistakes.

14# Negative Thinking is included in new parents mistakes

Some babies have health issues until they grow 1 year old like diarrhea, fever, gas, cough, cold, etc. But these all minor illness occurs in the healthy babies also.

Obviously, Being a new mom, you get worried about the baby’s health. You start to think negatively. Its parenting mistakes worrying too much about the baby’s minor illness.

 “In today’s society, we’re trained to think we can control everything,” says Martha MacCallum-Gregory, a Ridgewood, New Jersey, mother of two. “Accept the fact that you can’t, and let go a little bit. Things are going to happen, and it’s not because you didn’t think to prevent them.”

15# Not capturing moments is truly new parents mistakes

Time is passed rapidly, hours, days, months even years passed and we think that we never forget all the moments. But it’s not possible to capture the baby’s innocent moment.

Many moms forgot to capture the baby’s infancy in the camera because of new parenting hurdles. So, take babies’ photos, make an album, or make videos and gifs for sweet memories.

16# Spending Too Much

“Everyone tells you the baby is going to change your life,” says Alan Fields, co-author of Baby Bargains (Windsor Peak Press) and a father of two. “But no one tells you how parenthood will affect your pocketbook. You get sucked into the Baby world, and there is no escape.”

Like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry, shopping can be risky for new parents. Fields estimate that a baby’s first year will cost them at least $6,200 for diapers, clothes, food, stroller, and other essentials.

His tip for avoiding overbuying: “Take an experienced parent with you when you shop, someone who knows what you really need and can cut through the hype.” Go easy on clothes — your baby will outgrow them in minutes.

Ditto with toys; most babies will happily play with the same object over and over-or even the box it came in. “Save your money for piano lessons or college,” Fields says.