Natural Birth Vs. Epidural-Pros & Cons Of Both


The topic of natural birth vs. epidural- Pros & Cons of both makes you decide what is the best option?

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience for moms all around the world. Nature has made women nourish the world. A mother is enough capable to cross all hurdles from pregnancy to giving birth to get the baby in her lap.

May be prospects of giving birth creates a kind of anxiety and stress in some ladies. Because moms worried about the discomforts of contractions and labor pain.

The anxiety of severe pain during labor makes the soon-to-be mom, choose an epidural (medication for pain relief).

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No problem if mom is comfortable with epidural, then she can go with an epidural. Because only mom has a right to decide what is best for her natural birth vs. epidural?

So, ladies dive into the topic without making it more complicated.

What is an Epidural?

An epidural is an effective way to decreases pain in a specific area-lower part of the body during labor pain. women who have a low capacity to bear severe labor pain or medical complications like Cesarean delivery (c-section).

Natural Birth Vs. Epidural-Pros & Cons of Both


Now you understand why one chooses an epidural? Because of its greatest benefits o having painless delivery.

But it doesn’t mean that you feel nothing still you feel contractions and labor but with low pain density as you’re going to give birth via vaginal. Even you have an epidural but you can move around.

  • Usually, it is safe and effective
  • You can take rest between contractions and cover strength
  • Prolonged pain relief
  • It may reduce the need forĀ  invasive procedures
  • Reduction of inflammation in the spinal cord causing pain

The next important point an epidural requires in a cesarean delivery to ease the pain of removing a baby from the womb.

Anesthesia is used for safety concerns that mom isn’t awake during the operation.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) report a 72% increasing the number of cesarean deliveries from 1997 through 2008, which right also explain the enduring popularity of epidurals.

An epidural sometime benefited in a few cases of cesarean delivery can be elected into natural delivery. Vaginal delivery is possible after c-section. But not in all cases. Most are required who can’t accomplish the vaginal delivery.

Risks of having an epidural

natural birth vs. epidural

If you have chosen an epidural the must know about risk factors include:-

  • Back pain and soreness where the needle is placed
  • headaches
  • It can cause low blood pressure
  • Make pushing more difficult
  • You face difficulty while urinating as your lower half is numb because of anesthesia
  • It may risk more tears in perineal than usual
  • Side effects, including shivering, fever, or itchiness

C-section delivery and an epidural need a long time for recovery. In some cases not for all only 20% may be increased asthma, diabetes, and obesity.

It’s important to know all factors about an epidural while such risks may exits but not with all cases.

The fact is that a mother can’t feel properly all element of the birth process because of an epidural cause more perineal tears. Unlike natural births, c-section surgery needs longer recovery time and maybe a risk of infection.

What is a Natural Birth?

Natural birth refers to vaginal birth through contractions and labor, letting takes its own course without the help of medication, deliver the baby.

The choice to have a natural, unmedicated, and intervention-free birth should be decided by a mom for the baby’s wellbeing.

This process may take longer till contraction reaches a peak possibly on the third stage without any interventions at all.

If you’re thinking about a natural birth then make some researches to see the normal birth at different maternity hospitals to find out the best one near you where the maternity unit is helpful.

Natural birth is the right choice but completes the process within a hospital for safety concerns. If the complication may arise, the medical staff is there to deal with the problem.

The other benefits of a natural birth are- women go through the natural birth feel are more confident, empowered, and fearless.

Conquering the labor pain makes the women more strength to face the problems ahead like parenting, breastfeeding, postpartum, etc.

Other benefits of vaginal birth include:

  • Breathing for baby and mom is easier
  • Labor is often shorter
  • recovery is faster than other birth processes like c-section

Risks of having Vaginal Birth

There are a few risks associated with natural both (not always but in few cases) if there is a medical problem with the birthing mom or if an issue arises the baby from naturally moving through the birth canal.

Other concern risks are:-

  • Tears in the vaginal
  • Increased pain during labor
  • hemorrhoids
  • bowel issues and urinary incontinence
  • mom faces trauma through the contraction

It’s to be said preparations make any concept clear and easy. It’s very important to well prepared for all risks associated with natural birth.

Always live in a touch with a wise midwife or doula throughout the pregnancy. On due date consider a midwife or head to the hospital to complete the birth process safe and secure.

Childbirth education classed also helpful for preparations. It teaches you safety concerns if any complications arise.

The natural ways to cope with the anxiety of labor and birth:-

  • massage
  • acupressure
  • taking a warm bath
  • breathing techniques
  • knowledge of positions according to changes in the pelvis

End Point

According to the Office On Women’s Health factors are made by doctors and midwives if you want to choose a vaginal birth or natural birth.

It’s always good advice from a mom of three to make a wise decision about what is best between natural birth vs. epidural! when it is a need for any medication, the hospitals are always a safe place to give birth. As your baby can enter the world without any difficulty.

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