Definitely, you want to make a solid bonding with your small son or a toddler. You know “mom son date ideas” are the most exciting things in both of your life. Quality time spending together always remains memorable.

It’s always a tough task to raise and bond with a boy. Because boys are totally different than girls. According to the law of nature opposite sex interact with each other! so, Boys love their mom more than the father.

mom son date ideas

Mostly, boys are stubborn by nature. not true for all boys! my boy has a tough nature but my girl is so sweet and co-operative nature.

Having regular bonding activity keep you both close to each other and strengthen the mom son bond! How to be a cool mom to spend quality time together. Here are 11 great ideas for you.

This is the best time to explore some indoor activities or you can explore your place within your home areas because it’s safe nowadays.


1. Play Sports

Mostly boys love being active all the time. So, make it a date. No worry if you’re not an athlete. Head to the tennis court, the batting cages, or shoot hoops. Enjoy your favorite team together.

Visiting a sports meet event at his future school is also a great experience. Playing with your son encourages him to spend more time with you.

Now it the best time to talk with your son what it means to be a real man because boys compare athletic powers with manliness. Explain to him the real man means a man with a kind heart, who treats everyone.

2. Chow Down

mom son date ideas

You know very well what he likes the most? Make a surprise trip to his favorite place to grab his favorite food. And let him eat with gusto.

When he’s comfortable with you. Ask him how does he feel about his parents? Does he like your cooking skills? what does he want more often to eat? deeply scratch about his future wife. Explain to him about what makes a woman a good choice?

3. Concert

My small man is fond of music. When I earplug with him to listen to the music of his choice he becomes more excited to talk about music. At that time he tells me about his feelings. Music is a great concert of bonding. Isn’t it?

4. Watching his movie

mom son date ideas

Go to a guy movie, sit-by-side corner seat because it’s a date with your son. Even if these are not your favorite! Just enjoy your little man is engaged.

Make a conversion after the movie. What are his favorite scenes? If violence is a key factor in the movies! Talk about the real factors in life. Teach him how to control his anger and impulses.

5. Creative activities

Enjoy flowing his creative juices like if he is young give him a task to paint a tree in the backyard. Let him do his science experiments or building kits at home depot.

Encourage him to paint your own pottery places of his choices like pirate figures, money banks, or sports team items.

This makes you know how is your son doing in school with his favorite subjects. Convenience him the importance of expressing oneself and the keys to good communication.

6. Gadgets and Tools

Walk around at a store like Home Depot to look at all gadgets and tools.

7. Library

mom son date ideas

Hang out at a library. This is a great place where he can enjoy reading his favorite series of harry potter or something else he does love.

8. Pet

Gifted him a pet like a dog or a cat. Explain to him the importance of adopting a pet who needs foster parents.

9. Fishing

Let’s go fishing or watching fisherman at your local place is fun. Make a fishing trip just the two of you, It’s great fun even a great place to talk.

10. Dream of getting away

mom son date ideas

Even the boys love to watch airplanes. Sometimes head to the airport is one of a great mom son ideas.

11. Ice cream or coffee cafe

Visit an ice cream parlor or coffee cafe, whichever he would like better. While enjoying coffee or ice-cream talk about whatever is on his mind. These are a great place for conversation.

You could add many things to this list according to your budget. If you’re living in a big city. I’,m sure you have a great option for fun things.

I always love to spend my time with my kids one-on-one. These mom son date ideas always build a solid bonding between both. Try any of these and have great fun with your small boyfriend.

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mom son date ideas