24 Best Mom Hacks that Make Life Easy!


I’m damn sure you badly need these mom hacks to organize your home as well your life!

Being a new mom means “bundles of responsibilities” Do you agree? Motherhood is the toughest journey ever. Salute to the spirit of a mother who can deal with all responsibilities.

when I became a mom the first time, I always searched for life hacks and newborn hacks, love to read the things related that I could do myself.

But very soon I realized that it’s better to find mom hacks instead of life hacks or newborn hacks for an easier life. It is said-if mom is happy then the whole home is happy.

And I started to find funny ways to complete my chores easily to make myself happy. Do you also want to complete your tasks without being exhausted? Definitely you’ll! So, here is a list of:-

Mom Hacks That Can Make Life Super Easy!

1# How to clean kids toys easily


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Ok. first of all we talk about those tiny Legos and Actions that either lives on the floor or in baby’s mouth! So dirty! But ever you thought of washing them. It bothers because these are too many and you don’t have sufficient time to wash one by one.

Not to worry about these tiny toys! Just collect them and put in a mesh laundry bag, throw the bag in the washing machine till the toys wash you enjoy your favorite music. Save your time by not washing each toy.

2# Monster Spray

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Do you have a baby who scared of the dark and thinks that there are monsters or ghosts under the bed(definitely no one is there)? Choose a monster spray from the store these are found in the dollar bin section or you can DIY at home also.

Fill the bottle with a few scented oils and label the bottle monster spray. Let your kid spray it around the room and towards the AC. It works better.

Every corner of the room refreshes and your child feels secure. You can burn scented sticks in the evening to refresh your room. The scent of sticks gives a feeling of heaven.

3# Easy Lunch for a week

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Are you admire to hear this! lunch for a week! I damn sure you like the idea. What to do? Just collect Tupperwares, containers, and plastic baggies.

Engage one section of the fridge for kid’s lunch? Choose any day of the week, Saturday night is the best time, make enough sandwiches for kids according to the days of the week.

Cut the fruits, veggies, chips, and desserts of their choice and pack in individual bags. Keep water bottles and juices in the same manner. Now guess what? Lunches are ready for the whole of the week.

4# Dresser Space Saver Mom Hacks

mom hacks

Clothes, clothes, and everywhere clothes, on the table, chair, and on the bed. It sounds crazy, the clothes are an itty bitty thing, why we uproar it? But if you roll up the clothes, it saves a lot of space in the drawer, and the organization is peace of mind.

If you have little kiddos at home these mom hacks will save your time and make the cleanup faster. You can roll up tiny clothes in the socks also to make more place into your bag.

5# Use a Mesh Bag For Laundry

mom hacks

Small babies go through pairs of socks in a day. But these baby socks are too small and can be stuck into the machine parts while washing. Using a mesh bag for this tiny laundry is always the best mom hacks.

6# Trimming baby nails

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Babies never allow you to trim their nail peacefully. So the key is to choose a time when babies sleep deeply after taking a bath. Bathing makes nails softer and hence easy to trim.

Put your baby facing forward in a carrier. This helps you to clip the nails without fighting the baby’s wiggles.

7# The best mom hacks-Hook To Store Bibs

It’s simple but important advise-hang a command hook back of your high chair to tie baby bibs there. You can easily get the bibs because you needed it very often while nursing your baby.

8# Buy Crayola Color Wonder Markers

Invest your few dollars to get Crayola color wonder markers with papers and make your little one’s fingers busy doing some messy work. This will save your furniture, walls, and floor not looks a fantasy world. Now you can take a deep relief sigh to make your toddler busy.

9# DIY Stain Remover

Make your own DIY Stain remover with the help of Hydrogen Peroxide, Dawn Dish soap, and Baking Soda. These all stubborn stains vanish with this stain remover. Make your life shine with stain remover.

10# The best one mom hacks is Buggy Bench

mom hacks

The best mom hacks for the mom of twins. Place your kids in the Buggy Bench, Do your shopping peacefully. No worry about chasing the kids in the shopping mall, no worry about fighting, and No worry about hanging the babies on you back and in front.

11# Pack allĀ  in zip lock while traveling

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When you want a picnic or traveling that means keeping a lot of stuff with you for a tiny baby. Here zip lock bags play an important role to keep all things like diapers, shirts, pants, sweaters, bottles, pacifiers, bibs, socks.

I always did, when I was out of town for a week or two. This mom hack was a lifesaver and give extra space if you squeeze all the air out of it.

12# Make sure your kid wear right pair of shoe

Cut a sticker it two parts and stick each one a shoe to help your kid to know which one is for the right side and which one is for the left side. Because kids always wear the wrong shoes on the wrong feet.

13# Bins for all

No matter how old the kids are but they always put their things like school bags, lunch bags, shoes, socks, and their toys or sports equipment here and there. It looks unhealthy and messes everywhere in the room.

Keep separate containers for all family members in the mudroom, entryway, homework room, and drawing-room. Now assign every member to put their things only in the containers. This declutters home and your home breaths happily.

14# Label the clothes

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Whether you have little ones or big ones (your husband) that fall somewhere in between, labeling their laundry is the best trick.

It solves all the confusion of not exchanging with mom’s underwear or little sis’s training bra in the laundry bin.

All family members’ clothes get their own destination to land. Now you have peace of mind that you can fold the laundry with your favorite shows. Because of the label no need to spend time wondering that the pant you’re folding belongs to someone else.

15# Sick Bucket

When you have little kids at home that means chances of someone getting sick at any time.

So, keep a “sick bucket ready” with stomach medicine, fever reducers, cough syrup, balm, and a thermometer.

If your little one is not feeling well in the middle of the night. you’re always ready with your sick bucket for instant relief! Mix some aloe gel with breast milk into a storage bag and pop the

16# Sore Nipple Relief Pack

Breastfeeding moms need this badly. You can make sore nipple relief pack yourself easily. Just put aloe gel mix with breast milk into a storage bag and pop the bag into the freezer. When you need relief from the sore nipple, put one of the aloe pack, and apply on the sore nipple.

17# Tummy Time Mess-Free Art

mom hacks

The best mom hacks ever! Make your little monster playful while tummy time with this mess-free art. This is a fantastic way to make tummy time activities more interesting for your baby,

18# Bathe your baby in a laundry basket

mom hacks

This mom hack is the best for two reasons. This basket is super safer as the baby has less space to move around and no worry of slip and fall. The second one is all his toys are close to him for easy to play.

19# Toddler proof toilet paper

The best one mom hacks if you don’t want your little monster to waste the toilet paper. Just wrap the toilet paper using a hair tie.

20# Simple Toddler sleep hack

This mom hack helps you to sleep your baby soundly. Give him the magic fruit banana before going to bed. Here is the trick how it works?

21# Make a Breast Milk Popsicle

You can DIY popsicle at home. This is the perfect teething sore gum home remedy. Fill the pacifier with your breast milk (hope you know about power pumping) you collected with a pump. And place these pacifiers into ice cubes trays.

When your baby is crying of sore gums just place the popsicle into his mouth.

22# Prevent the baby from locking itself in the room

mom hacks

Just tape the door lock with a small painters tape if you’re working in another room and your baby is somewhere else. It prevents not to lock himself in the room.

A simple but important mom hacks for the peace of the mind not to create any scary situation.

23# Marshmellow Ouchie pads

Smart mom hacks for the smart moms. Put some marshmallows in the ziplock small bags and throw in the freezer. whenever your little one hurts, take out this soothable marshmallow to use instantly.

24# About the pack-N-Play outside safely

Suppose you’re working out the back yard. This genius mom hack saves your baby from bugs and sun rays. Just fitted a sheet over the pack-in play that’s all. You can work peacefully and your kid plays safely.

End Point

As we all mom knows how tough is our job on the earth! But a big thanks to the technology and the World Wide Web that makes our life easy by sharing tips and tricks. The Internet makes our life easy and comfortable.