How to cure milk blister?

Milk blister is also knowns as milk blebs these blocked nipple pores during breastfeeding. What is the main cause of it? How to treat it, fast?

What is a milk blister?

You noticed a white, yellowish spot on your nipple, just under the skin and you feel inflamed because it is a little swollen. The milk gets accumulate there. This is more likely a milk blister.

If you do a breast compression on the breast, usually it will become normal.

The difference between milk blister and thrush!

If you have more than one blister at a time than it could be thrush well explained by Bryanston baby & family clinic. 

If you feel thrush accompanied by a painful, burning sensation. It is due to a yeast infection. See your doctor or midwife immediately to get proper advice and medication.

Can milk blister causes mastitis?

Although milk blisters are painful and an inflammatory response because the milk ducts being blocked. But these don’t cause mastitis.

According to Dr. Jeanne Spencer from the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in the US, blocked milk ducts can cause mastitis if left untreated. You can know more about how to treat a milk blister via livingandloving.

There are many different things that can cause milk blisters:-
  • thrush
  • oversupply
  • pressure on the breast (sleeping on the stomach or from a tight bra)

Natural way to treat a milk blister!

If you’re in pain while breastfeeding and have milk blister. Firstly, you thought might the pain is treated itself and trying to pop the blister.

But lady this isn’t the best option because it leads an infection.

Advisors from La Leche League, an international breastfeeding advocacy group, suggest the following ways to treat a milk blister:

Nursing options-If possible feed your baby frequently to stimulate milk flow. According to Cavium”Feeding often is really the best way to get rid of milk blisters because the baby’s jaw and mouth are most effective at sucking and stimulating milk flow. Aim your baby’s chin and mouth directly over the blister if possible because that’s the area where the baby sucks the best.”

Lay your baby down and lean over with the help of elbows and knees while breastfeeding. Because extra gravity will help to boost milk flow and chances are higher to get rid of the blister.

What are the manual options

  • After bathing or showering, gently rub the surface of the nipple to release the milk from the bleb.
  • Apply gentle pressure behind the nipple with a gentle massage.
  • If none of these work,  make an appointment with your health provider to open the blister using a sterile needle.
  • Your doctor might be recommended topical antibiotics for a few days and an antibiotic ointment if needed.
General ideas:-

It is very important to keep the nipples moist throughout the day. The great idea is to soak a cotton wool pad in olive oil and placing inside the bra over the nipple blister.

Stop wearing underwire bras. Soak your breast in Epsom salts. Use 2 teaspoons in a cup of water. This can soften your skin on the nipple.

Increase your fluid intake and avoid dairy, sugar, caffeine, chocolate and too much-saturated fat.

Get a piece of advice from a doctor to prescribe you with vitamin C and D to increase your immune system.

However after the milk is released from the duct, you may still feel pain from the exposed nipple pore, it can refill again. So it’s important to keep feeding frequently over the area again to avoid the blister.

How To Cure A Milk Blister?

Here are suggestions on how to cure it in the future?

  • In the case of thrush visit your physician to get help ASAP
  • Regular Epsom soak once a day may help to prevent a recurrence
  • Always wear a comfortable bra without underwire
  • Try not to put pressure on your breast while sleeping (avoid sleeping on the stomach)

End Point

As a feeding mother have you deal with a milk blister? How you get rid of it? How you cure it, write in the comment box to help the moms!