What are the best milk blister remedies at home?

A short summary of milk blister-these are well known as milk blebs, many women face during breastfeeding. These blisters look like white spots filled with milk (but can be cured easily with these Milk Blister Remedies)

Usually, milk blebs occur when nipple pores are blocked. Reasons for milk blister are as below:

  • an improper latching, tongue-tie
  • over-flow of breasts milk
  • thrush (virus) is the main reason for the cluster of milk blisters
  • excess pressure on a particular area of the breast
  • shallow sucking
  • wrong angle breastfeeding position

But nothing to worry there are proper medication and home remedies to cure the milk blister. It’s always good to see your doctor for the best treatment. I’m sharing my personal experience How to cure milk blister?

What are the best home remedies for the milk blister?

1. Saline Solution

The best way to get rid of milk blister is a saline solution. Whenever I had these I soaked the nipples in a solution of salt and warm water (not too hot).

How to make saline water? Mix two teaspoons of Epsom salts in a bowl of hot water and let it get cool slightly. Now soak the nipple three to four times in a day till the ducts unblocked.

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2. Nipple Massage

Milk Blister Remedies

Firstly take a shower or after a saline soak, gently massage the nipple by applying a gentle force to release the milk bleb. But remember one thing don’t apply too much force to the nipple that it causes pain.

3. Warm Compress

Soak a cotton cloth or towel in warm water and squeeze extra water from it. Now apply the compress on the nipples but slowly, for 10 to 15 minutes. Pat the skin dry before nursing.

4. Olive Oil the best milk blister remedies

Olive oil is the best way to keep your nipples moist for the day. Place an olive oil-soaked pad inside the bra on the nipples. You must feel relaxed after applying oil. But wipe the nipples with water before nursing.

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6. Feeding on the demand or frequent feeding

This technique helps to stimulate the flow of milk through the milk ducts. Sucking milk by the baby is the most effective way to get rid of milk blister.

You have to keep your baby in the right breastfeeding position. Place the baby’s chin and mouth directly over the blister that baby can suck the as forcibly as possible to empty the milk blebs.

7. Using a breast pump

The milk turns in ducts like the consistency of the toothpaste. So, it requires more suction ability pump to make the regular milk. You can read the topicĀ Haakaa Pump Tips & Hacks!

8. Soothing Ointment

The best nipple soothing ointment is available on amazon or nearby stores. The cream moist your nipple skin and avoid any type of itching or pain.

9. Dietary Changes

It’s always important to have a better, healthy diet all the time. Having a healthy diet keeps diseases at bay. In respect to that, having a healthy diet also boosts the immune system, keeping your body up for any fight whatsoever.

Make sure you consult about the supplements you take with your doctor before taking them. Supplements can have diverse effects on hormones and might create problems you didn’t sign for.

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10. Doctor’s assistance

Milk Blister Remedies

If none of the home remedies cure your milk blister. Your doctor can clear it out using a sterile needle.

DO not try this at home. It can cause further issues! Your doctor can also provide you with medication to get rid of the milk blister.

#End Point

These are some harmless home milk blister remedies you can use to cure your milk blister. Make sure to not try things out that might hurt you or harm your baby.

It’s quite common in breastfeeding women and can be treated easily but in any situation, do not avoid these unlying symptoms and get it treated as soon as possible.