Low Breast Milk Supply-Causes and Solutions!


Are you experiencing a low breast milk supply or a sudden drop in milk supply! If yes, there are a few reasons behind this. It’s very important to know what are these problems in spite of panicking!

How could you know about your breast milk supply is decreasing?

Obviously, if your baby is fussy all the time and not gaining weight properly then the biggest question for breastfeeding mothers: Is my baby getting sufficient milk?

There is nothing to worry about breast milk supply because the human body can produce sufficient milk on demand. There a few reasons that can diminish supply like:-

  • The baby is not gaining proper weight
  • Dehydration
  • Not enough dirty Diapers

If you notice any one of the reasons, without wasting any further minutes, make an appointment with your pediatrician or doctor.

Hey mom, nothing to worry if there are problems, solutions are there. Just calm down, take a deep breath, and read the causes with their solution. And make your breastfeeding journey happy and comfortable.

Low Breast Milk Supply-Causes and Solutions!

1. Insufficient Glandular Tissues

low breast milk supply

Some women face the milk ducts problems that cause sudden drop in breast milk supply. Ducts do grow while pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There are certain steps you can take to maximize your milk supply while pumping and taking medical prescriptions. Talk to your doctor to get rid of the milk duct problem.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop breastfeeding. It’s always a good idea for continuing breastfeeding even with a small supply.

Your milk helps support the baby’s immune system to grow well, brain development, and provide proper nutrition. Lactation Smoothies also help to improve breast milk supply.

2. Hormonal or Endocrine Problems

Unfortunately, if you have anyone below:-

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS)
  • A low or high thyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal problem

These may cause low breast milk supply! Hormones play a crucial role by sending signals to breast for making more milk. If home remedies are not working well in increasing milk supply. A visit to a lactational specialist can help to fix the problem with the best medication.

3. Previous Breast Surgery

If you had breast surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons like:

  • reductions or enhancements of breasts
  • nipple piercing

It depends on, how long it’s been between the surgery and the birth process?

Whether there were any complications while surgery that can damage the breasts?

All in all, mothers vary with experiences about breast implants. Doctors speak about it and assure women that they can breastfeed with implants as well.

Some women can breastfeed without any difficulties, others face slightly to major discomfort while breastfeeding

4. Blockages

Some women experience cracked, dry nipples and blocked pores that can be infectious. The blockage is not a serious problem related to low breast milk supply.

But can cause a sudden drop in supply. So, the time to visit your doctor for prescription a good nipple cream.

5. Night feeding-cause of low breast milk supply

You are attending a sleep training methods to get baby sleep throughout the night. But if your baby is not feeding at night time & your breasts are full is not a good sign for milk supply.

These techniques are not always favorable. The loss of night feeding means loss of the baby weight. How much and how long you can store breast milk?

If you cut night feeding, your breast milk undergoes and results in low breast milk supply!

I know motherhood and breastfeeding are sensitive topics and moms do deserve their sleep and rest. One or two times night feeding is moderate to stable breast milk supply.

6. Using Pacifier between feeding

Your breasts make milk continuously on demand. You’ll make more milk when they empty. And will stop making milk when breasts are already filled. Mechanically our body is a super machine!

But if you are giving a pacifier to stretch out the time between feedings, if your breasts are full for a long time the hormones send signals to stop making more milk.

But if you’re feeding your kid on-demand or response to the baby’s cues, they have shorter feeding that means the breasts are emptier more and the milk production is on. That means you become a milky cow…. just kidding.

So, remember no pacifiers while feeding the baby. You can use a pacifier at the time the baby is napping.

7. Medication while giving birth

There is a possibility of low breast milk supply with the medication you got while delivery. Like if you had an epidural anesthetic, it can be affected by the baby’s latching ability.

But nothing to worry about these effects are lasting as long as a month. This depending on the medication used in the epidural and the length of the time mother received it.

8. Jaundice in Baby

It’s a common condition in the newborn. The baby sleeps more than usual because of medication. And the result he doesn’t wake up to nurse as frequent as before.

Don’t let your breast milk to flow down, use a breast pump, and restore it for further use.

Once your baby gets well and has cleared the medications from his system and jaundice has been treated. He will begin nursing well.

9. Breastfeeding Sessions

If you’re not feeding frequently that means the body receives bad signals to stop produce more milk.

Anyhow changing in demand-supply means your body may think milk is not needed.

This condition occurs for a working mom who returns back to work and doesn’t get enough time to pump breastmilk.

But manage your time for pumping breast milk. Pumping signals your body to produce more milk.

10. Formula Supplement

A formula can be understood as the last resort when the mother’s milk supply doesn’t meet up the demand. Of course, if you are low on milk supply, you will have to supplement your baby with a substitute.

But before you start to supplement, there are ways that can alleviate your milk supply. 

Supplementing your baby with formula can lead to a natural drop in milk supply. Since the baby won’t be feeding on you, your body will reduce milk production. Milk production works on demand which your body isn’t getting any.

#End Point

These are some of the possible causes of low milk supply. If you are continuing any of these activities, it’s possible you are going to further face low milk supply issues.

But rest assured, undo these activities and take these major steps to increase your milk supply! Until then,


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