Haakaa Pump Tips & Hacks!


The Haakaa’s specialties do not end at pumping. It takes you from freed milk ducts to comforted breast/nipple pain & many other Haakaa Pump Tips & Hacks! Haakaa Pump is very famous among nursing mothers and for every reason!

It’s affordable, easy to use, easy to wash and is a complete package. Haakaa doesn’t require electricity, batteries or extensive cleaning. It’s easy to travel with and can be used anywhere without the extra load of hand pumping.

We will read more about these game-changing Haakaa Pump Tips & Hacks ahead.

What Is Haakaa?

Haakaa is a silicone manual pump that collects letdown from the second breast while the first nurses your baby.

It stands out from Manual pumps because Haakaa doesn’t require you to do any manual work or hand pumping. It creates its own suction.

Whilst that, it also outstands Electric pumps in a certain way. While the Electric pump aims to unload your breast completely, Haakaa collects the needed amount naturally without emptying it out.

In respect to the quality, Haaka is made of Food-grain Silicone, is FDA approved and free of hazardous components. Aren’t these some savage Haakaa Pump tips & Hacks?

How To Use A Haakaa?

Haakaa might seem tricky but is effortless. You just need to create a suction and I’ll tell you just how in a minute. Before that, irrespective of your size, Haakaa Breast Pump flange fits all the breast types.

Haakaa Pump tips & Hacks!

The easy way: put the Haakaa Pump over your breast and squeeze the excess air out of the pump. This will initiate a suction that will hold Haakaa pump on your breast.

The next way: Invert the flange and put the pump(opening) on your nipple. Squeeze out the air inside of it, let go of the flange and gently put it on the breast.


  • Upturn the flange
  • Keep the opening of your Haakaa Pump on your nipple.
  • Squeeze the air out of it completely.
  • Let go of the flange and put it on the breast.

1# Haakaa Pump Tips & Hacks To Relieve Clogged Ducts

Haakaa helps unclog milk ducts. First, it empties the milk which works best in relieving engorgement and empty breasts are a good sign of relieved clogged ducts.

Next, to massage the insides of breasts A.K.A, clogged ducts, Haakaa Breast Pump could be a great savior.

Fill in the Haakaa with warm water up until the mark that your breasts can be submerged in and still won’t be a problem attaching it.

Add Epsom salt to the warm water. Epsom salt has many benefits and its healing power is uncanny. It has been used for ages for its healing and stress relieving qualities.

Put the Haakaa Pump over your breasts and let it do the work. It works as a natural inducer and can relieve your sore ducts in no time. If it doesn’t work with you for the first, give it a few more tries for the magic.

2# Relieves Sore Nipples–Haakaa Pump Tips & Hacks.

Just like clogged ducts, Haakaa helps comforting sore nipples. Fill in the Haakaa with warm saline water and attach your Haakaa with the breasts. Let your breasts absorb the warmth of it.

Additionally, you can use Nipple Cream/ointment & warm saline water simultaneously or together.

3# Heavy Haakaa Hack

When completely full, plain Haakaa can tip over and spill the milk. The easy go– you can either stash it up immediately or if for some reason you can’t, place it in a glass or mug to avoid spilling.

Haakaa Pump tips & Hacks!

Now, that’s old school. Haakaa comes with many shapes, sizes and, forms. You can just choose the one with a flat stand or whatever shape you want!

This Haakaa comes with a flat stand to avoid spilling. You can always use a cup/mug/glass.

4# Haakaa Pumping Bra To Support Haakaa

Sometimes, it may seem uncomfortable to use Haakaa without support. The nagging sensation that it might fall is nerve-wracking. These Pumping Bras support Haakaa like a part, they are hand-free!

Babies can be very playful with their growing age and can easily kick off the Haakaa. That being said, Pumping bras can be a great savior in protecting your milk.

5# Pump Anytime-Pump Anywhere-Haakaa Hack

Haakaa is as old-school as it can be. Earlier we talked about how Haaka doesn’t require any external source to work like electricity or hand pumping. This quality of Haakaa keeps it on the top.

To afford a facilitating milk supply, we know exactly how important it is to breastfeed and pump. Missing a single session of breastfeeding or pumping can lead to issues like lower milk supply or lack of stimulation.

While Electric Pump or hand pump can bring a stoppage to your pumping session, given their functionality depends upon electricity or free hands.

Haakaa doesn’t require anything at all. You can have your pumping sessions no matter what and keep up your milk flow and production.

Though it should be noted, Haakaa does require stimulation to express let down. Use a manual pump(in case of NO electricity) to stimulate milk flow.

#End Point

These are some of the best Haakaa Pump Tips & Hacks. Before we conclude it, don’t forget to learn when to start pumping. Don’t go directly into breast pumping.

Wait at least 3-4 weeks or until your milk supply is regulated, ample and stable. If you are clouding with questions about Haakaa, like — Does Haakaa increase milk supply or is it effective while not nursing, this is just the article for you– Common Questions About The Haakaa Breast Pump!

Stay tuned to learn more about this parenting journey little by little with us! Until then,