Get Pregnant Faster! How To Get Pregnant?


Pregnancy has an ethereal vibe. A planned journey to Get Pregnant Faster, to give birth to a new baby is itself very mesmerizing. But sometimes, getting pregnant can be a mission impossible.

Getting Pregnant

The very first question that gets to us is if we are ready for this? But I guess the sole intention to nurture a baby is enough for you to know that you are ready!

I was very certain that how to get pregnant was the easiest of the task in the whole pregnancy/motherhood/parenting journey but guess I was wrong. After trying for days with futile attempts, I finally met with my gynecologist.

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t promote fake myths/techniques to get pregnant. While there is important information that you most certainly should know, magic beans to get pregnant do not exist.

Know Your Period Cycle

The period cycle or also referred to as Menstruation is a monthly cycle that women undergo in order to get pregnant. Every month, a women’s body underlines the uterus with a thick blood lining in order to prepare for a possible pregnancy.

After a possible pregnancy, this blood lining works like a cushion, provides nutrition, and protection to the fetus. If the egg doesn’t fertilize with sperm to produce a baby, this uterine wall breaks and the egg degenerates resulting in periods/menstruation.

Ovulation Day– Get pregnant

Why is this menstrual chart important? This chart allows you to predict the ovulation day. Ovulation day is when your ovary releases an egg to get fertilized with a sperm. This day is your best chance to get pregnant.

Ovulation is the 14th day of the month, starting from your periods. That is, the start of your periods is considered the first day of your monthly cycle. Counting from Day 1, the 14th day is your ovulation day.

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Henceforth, it’s important that you keep a track of your periods. Day 1 to Day 8(max) is your period. From day Eighth, your body again starts to build up this uterine blood wall for another possible pregnancy.

This process repeats itself every month, your body then prepares this wall and enriches it with nutrition/protection required for the baby.

A recap:

  • 1st day of the period cycle:- Periods
  • 7th-8th Day:- Periods end.
  • 8th day of the cycle:- Your body starts to prepare this uterine blood lining again for a possible pregnancy.
  • 8th-12th Day:- This blood lining thickens and gets enriched with nutrition/for the baby
  • The 14th day calls for your ovulation day. This day ensures your pregnancy.

Though studies show Ovulation lasts for 12-24 hours, it’s suggested you can try to get pregnant before and after your ovulation day as well. You can stay up fertile for max 7 days after ovulating.

Have Sex Often and close to your ovulation date

Sperms can survive up to 5 days in a women’s body. So, even if you are not ovulating and are close to your ovulation, take your chances. You might ovulate while your sperm is still alive inside.

There are many ovulation kits these days. Once you have predicted your cycle and ovulation date, get your self a kit and check for ovulation.

Getting Pregnant




These kits help us determine the right day to try sex and conceive a baby. If you don’t count your menstrual cycle, you might waste a lot more money on ovulation kit than necessary. So, don’t forget the count.

Healthy Diet, Get Pregnant

Your body really needs to be healthy enough to get pregnant and conceive a baby. It requires a lot to grow a baby inside you and you need the right diet. Although no food can guarantee your pregnancy.

But the right diet can assure you a healthy pregnancy and its journey. Superfood can never get you magically pregnant but they can prepare your body for a possible one.

In light of that, an unhealthy diet can lead to infertility/unsafe pregnancy or an unhealthy body to conceive.

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Fertility is one thing but a healthy diet from the start is important to sustain a baby before and after birth.

What you must eat? It’s very important to be at your right BMI. That is, you should have a healthy weight, neither underweight nor overweight. A simple healthy day-to-day diet can help your body to be strong & healthy.

Eat healthy low carb, vitamins, high fat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, meat protein, etc. What you must avoid? Trans fat, alcohol can be very bad for you & your baby.

Refer to this link for the detailed diet 

Healthy Exercise

A healthy lifestyle comprises both, a healthy diet & healthy exercise. You must get into a normal BMI to ensure a safe pregnancy journey. If you are overweight, you must first lose extra weight before you try to conceive.

If you are underweight, it’s important you stay fit and eat healthily. You don’t have to try tough exercises, simple yoga, a little meditation, walking, jogging will suffice.

Getting Pregnant

Avoid Contraceptive Pills

To get the functioning of these contraceptive pills out of your system. You need to stop taking these pills 3 months prior to the conceiving/getting pregnant month.

Why 3 months? Your body needs time to compose its hormones back to their usual phase after the usage of these contraceptive pills.

Myths On How To Get Pregnant!

There are many myths concerning pregnancy.

  • Some Sex Positions Can Get You Pregnant

There is no such sex position that can increase your fertility or magically put a baby inside of you. Though it’s advised to not have sex while standing because you might lose the semen to gravity.

Some sex positions might as well give easier access to sperm to enter but that’s all sex positions can do. Rest all of it depends on sperm’s motility, sperm count.

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  • Prenatal Vitamin, Folic acid, supplements 

These supplements are advised by your doctors to prepare your uterus for the possible pregnancy and not for fertility. That is, these supplements ready your uterus, enrich it with everything you and your baby would need at times of pregnancy.

Visit Your Doctors

If nothing still works for you and you do not get pregnant, your doctors can analyze you better. Let them know of your conditions and whatever you have tried so far.

Everything will work out for the best. Remember Chandler & Monica? They found not one, but three wonderful babies. Universe has its ways.

Anyways, doctors will let you know all the possible ways that you can conceive and there isn’t just one. So, don’t lose hope, mi fellas.