How to Conceive Quickly: 6 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster


When it comes to getting pregnant, the mechanics seem pretty damn straight forward (you know what I’m pointing to). Though, this is not true for every couple.

According to various studies, 62% of couples can get pregnant in around three weeks of significant trying, and 92% of couples conceive within a year.

Still, one out of every 10 couples experience infertility and if you’re one of those cute couples, I have put together 6 crazy good tips for you to conceive quickly. 

conceive quickly

Before I get into charging up your difficulties with conceiving a baby, you must know that – “sometimes your body is just not in a choice condition to get pregnant”.

While your struggles may appear in vain, it might just be that you simply require to adopt some habits or nix certain ones. This will help your body build a healthy environment that’ll probably speed up the pregnancy procedure.

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How to Conceive Quickly? 6 Tips to Getting Pregnant Fast

Although “Nature” has its own timing for everything, there are still plenty of things you can do to improve your chances of getting pregnant ASAP. Read on for six well-researched tips on how to conceive quickly.

1. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

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“Have plenty of sex” may not be the best advice you hear out in the Internet world, but “maintaining a healthy body weight” surely is. It’s like preparing your body for the challenges ahead, mainly after you get pregnant.

Being underweight or overweight definitely affects your body’s ability to conceive. Since you might not know this, carrying too little or too much weight on your body actually causes irregular periods.

Explaining the above statement, fat cells are related to “estrogen” production. Too many fat cells create too much estrogen and too little fat cells create too little estrogen, and either situation can make it difficult to conceive.

Speak to your doctor about how much a healthy weight would be according to your height and frame. Or you may simply use this calculator over here!

2. Get Off your Birth Control ahead of Time

Have you been popping those small while pills since high school? Opt-out on your prescription a few months before you plan on getting pregnant.

It’s the same for other forms of hormonal birth control too. You need to stop getting injectable shots of progesterone, Depo-Provera around nine months before you want to try conceiving.

“After you’ve been using birth control for a while, it may take your body a few cycles to start ovulating regularly and be primed for pregnancy,” Dr. Williams says. Additionally, this gives you an opportunity to track your circle to figure out exactly when you ovulate (which is really crucial for baby-making).

3. Figure out your Fertile Days

conceive quickly

Since the term “ovulate” has come up, let me cover it for you. No matter how often you as a couple get horizontal, if you skip the chief days out of the month, when your egg is raring to go, you won’t get pregnant.

“The biggest mistake my patients make is not knowing exactly when they ovulate,” says Dr. Williams.

Nowadays, it is highly recommended by most doctors to use an ovulation predictor kit for a better measure of ovulation. “Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting” can also be used here.

What do Ovulation Predictor Kits do?
  • They give you advance alerts that your egg is about to be released, which helps you plan baby-making accordingly.
  • And how do OPKs know when to alert you? They work by detecting a surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine, which occurs around 36-48 hours before your ovulation.
There are two kinds of OPKs that you can use:
  • The ones that you use only around the week before you ovulate. It’s better for women with regular period cycles.
  • And the ones that you use every day for a month. It’s better for women with irregular period cycles.

4. Cut off Unhealthy Intakes

You, me, and almost 80% of people around the world have at least one unhealthy habit. And it’s okay to have one. But just not when you’re trying to conceive.


Frequent alcohol consumption leads to increased risk of complications during pregnancy, plus certain ovulation disorders.

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Just like alcohol, Caffeine to has adverse effects just on a smaller scale. You don’t have to cut out on caffeine completely, simply limiting the intake to around 200mg per day is enough.

  • ectopic pregnancy
  • infertility
  • miscarriage
  • complications during pregnancy

As soon as I hear smoking, I hear these. Because the chemical found in cigarettes can cause damage to both egg and sperm. So if you’re a regular smoker, quit at least 3 months before trying to get pregnant.

And as we all know how difficult quitting smoking is, speak with your doctor about valid and reliable aids to help you quit.

5. Sex Session Don’ts

Don’t worry if you don’t have an orgasm.

Orgasm is no doubt a great perk of satisfying sex but if you’re looking forward to getting pregnant, don’t count on postcoital pleasure for help.

Although some theorize that orgasms heighten conception by attracting more sperm into the vagina & uterus, this theory isn’t scientifically proven.

Don’t use lube to lend sperm a hand.

Many formulas included in a lube may change the pH balance in the vagina and decrease sperm mobility.

Though some people like to think that a lubricant helps sperm move more rapidly, but the reality is that this can actually hinder your pregnancy efforts.

Don’t worry about Boxers vs. Briefs

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There’s always a preference for boxers vs briefs in men. Though it is assumed that some fertility problems in men arise from a state where the temperature in men testicles is extravagantly warm, which affects sperm production.

So it is natural to believe that favoring briefs over boxers could hinder conception. But it’s not evidently true, says Dr. Williams.

Assuredly, there’s no downside to his sticking with boxers, but it’s unlikely to significantly advance up your pregnancy timeline.

6. Prepare your Man

conceive quickly

It is obviously your man’s sperm going in your flower and becoming a baby which makes your man’s health as important as yours.

Factors such as weight and healthy living can authoritatively affect your partner’s sperm production which can improve the chances of conceiving quickly.

Other than this, there are more precautions men can take to ensure optimal fertility:

  • keeping the testicles cool by avoiding high temperatures
  • taking zinc supplements
  • practicing a healthy diet

All these precautions and changes go a long way in a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Just look at it in a funny way, “the better and healthy your sperm is, the better and healthy will be your child”. (It was a funny statement)

Products that’ll help you conceive quickly:

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Best Fertility Calendar: Pregnancy Wheel and Ovulation Calendar. “This pregnancy wheel and ovulation calendar allow adjustments for short, long, and irregular menstrual cycles.”

# Wrapping up

I guess this is legit all you need to know if you want to conceive quickly. These were the most important 6 tips that’ll you to getting pregnant faster.

As soon as you feel that “yep, I did everything right”, get out that pregnancy test and wait for the cute little good news.

The earlier you know you’re pregnant, the sooner you can see your doctor, begin prenatal care and make sure you’re eating and drinking as healthy as possible.

I hope I covered everything you needed to know about – “how to conceive quickly?” Please share this article with your friends and family members too who are looking forward to a child because sharing is caring.

Also, I really hope I helped you somehow and would appreciate if you could take a few seconds out of your busy schedule and write reviews down in the comment section below. That’s all. Ciao.

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