Common Questions About The Haakaa Breast Pump!


The magical awe of Haakaa Breast Pump is worldly famous, no doubt. There are still common Questions About The Haakaa, queries and unsaid facts about Haakaa Breast Pump that we need to sort out before becoming the know-it-all. Kidding.

Common Questions About The Haakaa

Haakaa Breast Pump comes with not a benefit but many! It’s evident to have confusion up and around common Questions About The Haakaa & its facts. Such as, if it actually increases milk supply? Does it? Spoiler alert, it does!

Before we began our common Questions About The Haakaa. Let’s know a little more about this evergreen, mom-loved pump!

What Is Haakaa Breast Pump?

The Haakaa Breast Pump is a no-electricity, no-manual hand-pumping, no cords pump that allows you to collect & express the letdown.

Haakaa is an A-grade product made of silicone, FDA approved that works on self-created suction.

To learn/know more about– How to use the Haakaa Pump? What are Haakaa pump & tips? How does the Haakaa pump work? You’d find this article very helpful ‘Haakaa Pump Tips & Tricks!’ 

1. Does The Haakaa  Breast Pump Increase Milk Supply? — The Most Common Question About The Haakaa!

To conclude, yes, in a manner of speaking. The main business Haakaa does is to collect breast milk. The more you empty your breasts, the more signals your body will have to produce more.

That’s how milk production works. They work on a demand system. The minute you go out of stock for breastmilk, your body stimulates the refill.

Also, pumping regulates a good milk flow. It’s important to not skip your pumping sessions.

The Haakaa Breast Pump allows you to continue your pumping sessions anytime, anywhere without having to worry about the electricity or anything at all. This way your schedule is undisturbed and so is your milk supply. Evergreen!

2. Does Haakaa breast Pump Work Even When You Are Not Nursing?

It’s an easy answer to mothers who milk a lot and stimulate at the slightest instinct of their baby’s cry, voice or even at the thought of their babies. Yes, they can use the Haakaa even when not nursing.

While for mothers who do not produce milk as such. You can use the Haakaa Breast Pump when not nursing. The only deal is, either to breast pump your other breast with electric/hand pump(just until they stimulate the milk supply.)

There are times when you might feel full, or your baby just finished feeding and you still had milk leftover, you can use the Haakaa Pump there, too.

If nothing works for you, don’t be disheartened. Just continue with your regular feeding & pumping sessions to make sure you don’t disturb the milk production.

3. How To Use The Haakaa Breast Pump?

It can be tricky to put the Haakaa on. But it’s actually all about creating suction. Bring the mouth of the Haakaa pump on your nipple and squeeze the air out from the pump. It’s done!

I have concluded a more detailed version of this in the article, ‘Haakaa Pump Tips & Tricks’ 

If you still can’t get a hold on your Haakaa pump, read more detailed steps to get it done!

4. Does Haakaa really unclog milk ducts & Relieve Engorgement?

Yes, Haakaa does help in relieving engorgement and unclogging milk ducts. The suction it creates helps to express letdown. It empties your breasts, emptying breasts also helps to unclog milk duct to an extent.

Next, you use warm water & Epsom salt in the Haakaa. Both of these have great healing capacity. Learn more about this trick in the article ‘Haakaa Pump Tips & Tricks’

5. How To Store Milk From The Haakaa Breast Pump?

It’s quite simple. Just pour it out in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. You can also use freezer storage boxes to store your breast milk.

Use the fresh breastmilk in the refrigerator before the verse of six days. If you are freezing it, the deadline is 6 months!

6. When To Start Pumping through Haakaa Or Any Pump In General?

It’s advisable to wait for six weeks or a month at least. The starting days of breastfeeding, your baby would be enough to stimulate milk production.

Why Six weeks? It takes a month for mothers to regulate their milk supply. Starting a pump in the initial days can result in overflow or disturb your body’s stimulation to produce milk.

Though situations might vary and you can start to pump early if it’s the last option for you. We support you in whatever situation that is.

End Point

Here we concluded the most common Questions About The Haakaa. Let me know if you have more questions regarding Haakaa Pump. To know little treats about Haakaa pump, do read ‘Haakaa Pump Tips & Tricks’.

As a mother, I personally recommend Haakaa pump — it’s easy to use, affordable, doesn’t require hand-pumping, easy to carry & travel with. Give it a try! Until then,