Breastfeeding Tips-Every New Mom Should Know


The topic is all about breastfeeding tips for the new mom to ease their feeding journey

Motherhood is a pious journey. From nine months of hard pregnancy to contractions, labor pain, vaginal tears, and birth process. Mothers cross all hurdles to get their babies in the lap.

Now the most important task starts-Breastfeeding & Parenting!

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breastfeeding tips

However, breastfeeding is a natural process but like pregnancy, breastfeeding is also folded with many difficulties like Breastfeeding pain, low breast milk supply, milk bleb, breasts pumping, pumping at night, clogged milk ducts, mastitis, etc.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests exclusive breastfeeding at least the first six months after the baby’s birth.

Breastfeeding makes a protection layer over the baby to protect him from childhood obesity, Risk of infections, SIDS, and allergy, and many more.

If you have decided to breastfeed, just be patient, like pregnancy you can cross all hurdles of nursing easily. Because you’re a super mom!

The nursing itself is a solid bond between baby and mom through skin-to-skin-touch.

This round-up topic includes all breastfeeding secrets and tips for every new mom.

Breastfeeding secrets & tips

Let’s dive into the topic of how to complete mission impossible jokes apart (Breastfeeding)?

breastfeeding tips

1.1 Preparing for Breastfeeding before the baby arrives

Now you’re in the postpartum phase but before that be well prepared during pregnancy and know-how preparations make life easy and comfortable?

Stock up all postpartum essentials, breastfeeding must-haves, breastfeeding snacks, hospital bags,  birth plans, etc.

If you engage yourself for nestling during the pregnancy period. That’s super! There won’t be any need to run to the market for every little thing when the baby arrives.

This one itself is a great tip, to stock all necessary items related to breastfeeding like a breastfeeding pump, nursing pillow, nursing bra, and clothes.

1.2 How to prepare for breastfeeding before the baby arrives?

  • Breastfeeding Station-first step is to set up a breastfeeding junction or nursery at the home wherever you find it comfortable and easily reachable.
  • If you have a multi-story home. It is always a good idea to set up at least two breastfeeding stations.
  • Set both stations with a comfortable cushion, blanket, lounge, and feet rest. Keep location snacks and water bottles on the hand to keep your self energetic and hydrated.
  • Always keep your diaper changing station near to the breastfeeding station.
  • Arrange the books, a tablet or your favorite shows (Netflix is the best) to keep yourself entertained and happy while nursing.
  • Lactation Appointment-Find out a good lactational specialist and make an appointment to visit there. Involve your hubby in all the breastfeeding aspects because he’s the only person always available for you and baby when needed. (especially nursing or pumping middle of the night)
  • Include breastfeeding tips in the Birth Plan-Before submitting a birth plan make sure to include breastfeeding tips within it.
  • Let your caretaker know about your choices whether you want a natural birth or epidural/C-section delivery.
  • Ask your doctors when they would allow you to feed the baby after delivery and if they have a facility of a lactational specialist who could guide you on how to feed the baby for the first time.
  • Breastfeeding and Postpartum essentials-These are must-haves that ease your nursing and postpartum journey smoothly.

You must read the topic related to when& how to stop breastfeeding, How to increase breast milk supply. These are important not only for the baby but for the mother. Do you know breastfeeding saves your breast from sagging! Breastfeeding helps to lose postpartum weight also!

2. Breastfeeding Tips For The First Week

breastfeeding tips

2.1 In the Hospital

You should Breastfeed immediately after the birth process. If you have given birth naturally, the hospital allows you to feed your child immediately with delayed cord clamping.

However immediate nursing depends upon the way you give birth. Some mothers have C-section, many have Epidural, episiotomy. But soon you can hold your baby and feed the baby safely with instructions.

After birth, some babies have post-delivery complications, they have breathing difficulty or jaundice. These can take up a little time from your first breastfeeding session.

Important Points To consider:-

  • Start Nursing ASAP-Breastfeeding after the birth process is a very important factor to establish your milk supply. Only make sure you have the breastfeeding essentials in your hospital bag because you’d need these after delivery.
  • If you don’t want to pack all bag & baggage, don’t forget to keep a nursing pillow, nursing bra, maternity clothes, and a breast pump with you.
  • Get someone to assist you-Hospital is a great place that can help you in all aspects. If you have any difficulty while breastfeeding, the hospital can provide you a lactational specialist, midwife, nurse to help you through breastfeeding.
  • Go with your body instinct-After normal delivery your body would be ready to breastfeed the baby. Meanwhile, if no-one is there for assisting you. Don’t wait for them and start to feed your baby. No problem if you have minimum letdowns. The first milk is important for the baby’s well health.
  • Get your hubby’s help to settle down the comfortable feeding position. He can support you while feeding your baby in all aspects.

Your perfect letdown starts within 2 to 4 days. But few drops of the first milk called colostrum.

According to WHO: ‘Nutrition urges everyone to inform themselves, spread the knowledge, and support mothers to feed their babies colostrum. These simple actions will go a long way in helping to ensure that every newborn receives the very best start in life – the very first food first, in the first hour of life!”

Get all knowledge about how to increase milk supply? what are the best feeding positions? If there are problems related to milk supply? What breastfeeding mistakes mom make unknowingly?

2.2 Breastfeeding at home in the first days

breastfeeding tips

  • Say a big NO to chores – I’m not joking. You’re shouldn’t do house chores for the first few months because your new small boyfriend/baby girl would need most of your time.
  • So, soon-to-be-moms prepare everything before the baby arrives to avoid stress and tiredness. They wash their laundry beforehand, prepare frozen lactation foods, snakes.
  • You shouldn’t take chores seriously. Because after birth your baby is your first priority. The first week is very important to establish a good latch. Skin-to-skin while nursing makes a solid bond between both of you.
  • Some time involve your hubby to skin-to-skin with baby. So. babies can recognize both parents.
  • Don’t be shy to get the help of family members and friends for complete chores.
  • Feed on Demand-Your milk production depends upon the feeding on demand.
  • If you schedule feeding early then you lower your milk supply. Make your baby choose his own time to eat. Let your baby dive into breastfeeding voyage.
  • There is nothing to worry to feed many times a day because babies never get obese with mother milk.
  • Favorite corner for breastfeeding-Chose a peaceful and comfortable corner of the room for feeding the baby. A new mom has to spend all day taking care of her baby, playing with the baby, and breastfeeding the baby.
  • Making yourself calm and happy is very important to remain healthy. If you’re happy only then you can keep your baby healthy and happy. So, eat a healthy diet, take a lot of rest.
  • Always stay hydrated because breast milk is made up of 88% water. Keep your lactation food and snakes on the hand while breastfeeding. Take a sufficient diet with all nutrients to fuel your body.
  • Power Pump if dealing with low milk supply-It’s common with new moms, dealing with low milk supply. First root out what is the problem with milk supply because new moms make breastfeeding mistakes and lower the supply.
  • breastfeeding tips
  • Try to avoid introducing pacifiers and bottles too early.
  • If you’re producing enough milk then there is no need for pumping. But the moms who are struggling with low milk supply, power pumping is the best option for them.
  • Many moms benefit from Haaka Pump also. Know all queries about the Haakaa pump.
  • The Haakaa pump is used for a letdown. It does not fully drain your breast, the haakaa pump only stimulates the milk and helps the breast to letdown easily.
  •  If you’re dealing with medical reasons then Power pumping works like a cluster feeding (short and frequent feeding). It stimulates breast milk the same way as your baby latches and produces more milk.
  • Let your baby deal-New moms get confused when they start to breastfeed. Moms are clueless about what to do? How to do? When to feed and when not? Your baby is the answer to all the odd questions. Let your baby deal with breastfeeding.
  • Babies let you know with the cues when they want to eat. If the baby is uncomfortable with the latch or your breastfeeding position, he starts crying. And this is the signal that something is wrong. Sort out the problem.
  • Sometimes babies feel drowsy while nursing and leave your breast without full drainage. Poke him gently to feed again. Give him a gentle massage or burp him up.
  • Keep yourself calm- Really, it’s a very hard task to keep calm once the chaos starts. But snuggle in a place where you’re comfortable with the baby.
  • Best is to avoid any kind of interruption and extra loads that might exhaust you and burn your energy unnecessarily.

Take Care