Breastfeeding Snacks That Increase Breast Milk Supply


After the birth process, the next hard task for a new mom is Breastfeeding.

Really mom’s life is an amazing journey. Task after task! First, you completed nine months of pregnancy, then birth processpostpartum, breastfeeding, parenting, etc… the never-ending list for moms. Hats of to all moms (to me also).

However, we are talking about breastfeeding, as it is most important for a newborn’s development. But before all, feeding yourself is a must.

Because of all the nursing and pumping, moms feel hungry after breastfeeding the baby as the baby suckles all the energy from the mom’s body. You have to feed two persons at a time one is your baby and the second one is yourself.

The key is your body needs to heal after the birth process. You’re now in the postpartum phase and it includes postpartum bleeding, vaginal stitches(if you had these during the birth process), lack of sleep & many more problems as a new parent.

So, nourishing yourself is always a good idea. I know you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen but you have to keep healthy snacks that not only provide energy to your body but help you to increase breast milk supply too.

These breastfeeding snacks are healthy and nutritious and work as a fuel for the body without wasting a lot of time on cooking. Keep these snacks on the hands wherever you(breastfeeding station) sit for breastfeeding and napping the baby.

Many moms do all the necessary things in their third trimester to make their parenting journey easy after the birth process. One of these things is making snacks. If you had not prepared anything, don’t worry you can get readymade items in the market.

Breastfeeding Snacks That Increase Breast Milk Supply

Below is the list that you can purchase from the market or amazon easily. You should keep these breastfeeding snacks on hands to satisfy your hunger between the nursing sessions:-

  1. Dark chocolate & Raspberries
  2. Oats and Nuts Waffles
  3. Cottage Cheese with Fresh Fruits and vegetables
  4. Fruits & Vegetable Salad
  5. Fresh Fruits with Yogurt
  6. Cheese stick
  7. Larabars
  8. Kind Protein Bars
  9. Banana with peanut butter
  10. Almonds
  11. Jerky
  12. Roasted Pulses and chickpea
  13. Boiled Eggs

Breastfeeding Snacks that can be made at home easily and increase milk supply.

breastfeeding snacks

Below is the list of Easy recipes made within minutes and also rich in carbs, fats, proteins, and fiber:-

  • Chia Pudding
  • Egg Muffins
  • Lactation smoothie
  • Lactation Cookies
  • Egg Muffins
  • Bars
  • Meatloaves
  • Tortilla
  • Avocado Toast with eggs

My favorite recipes that increase milk production fast

1. Nuts and dry fruits

Really, these are not only given taste but an instant source of energy. You can make it within minutes.

2. Boiled eggs with Chocolate Milk

These kinds of stuff are varied each other but if you want to try something salty with sweet than go ahead. Garnish boiled eggs with salt and black pepper. Take a milk glass and mix chocolate sauce.

Now sit on your breastfeeding chair and enjoy the mixture of salty and sweet recipes while feeding your baby.

3. Popcorn Bowl

Sit calmly on your bed with your baby on the lap, switch on your favorite serial (mine is friends) with a big bowl of buttery popcorn that is tossed with salt and parmesan cheese.

4. Oatmeal with Milk

Try this I damn sure you like it as different taste oatmeal with milk add cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon honey as a sweetener or what you prefer, now you can top it with your favorite fruits or dry fruits.

5. Sandwich

Make a whole-grain bread sandwich with chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber. Sprinkle salt and minced black pepper for the better taste.

6. Yogurt mix with fruits
  • 1. Take a bowl of yogurt and whip it
  • Cut the fruits like-papaya, grasp, mango, banana, and pomegranate
  • You can add salt and orange juice to make it tastier
7. A bowl of whole-grain with milk
8. Tuna with whole-grain

Taking 10 ounces of seafood per week is the best for the pregnant and nursing moms. So, buy drained tuna mix with whole-grain crackers. You can enjoy these with red bell pepper.

9. Whole-grain Toast

You can enjoy by spreading whole-grain toast with 1/3 cup cottage cheese, top the toast with avocado pieces.

10. You can enjoy No-bake Peanut butter and Cereal Bars These can be made at home easily with 5 ingredients with 10 minutes.
11. Chocolate Milkshake

You can make it at home with 1 ripe banana, 1 glass milk, honey or sugar for sweeter to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Blend these all ingredients with ice for 1 minute or more what consistency you like? And enjoy your chocolate milkshake rich in vitamin A.

12. Banana with Rice Cake

breastfeeding snacks

Banana is a nutritious food fully packed with vitamins and minerals that keeps you energetic all day. Try a rice cake topped with banana pieces.

13. Greek Yogurt with Granola

Really, yogurt is not only healthy and tasty but fully packed with proteins and a low carb diet with a half cup of yummy vanilla-flavored granola makes your digestion process easy.

breastfeeding snacks

14. Peanut Butter & Apples

Try peanut butter with an apple slice. First, wash the apple and then cut it in a slice. The choice is yours what do you like peanut butter or any other like cashew butter. You have to top these apple slices with peanut, an easy breastfeeding snack is ready!

15. Hummus & Celery

breastfeeding snacks

The easiest made snack is Celery with hummus. Wash and cut the celery. Now enjoy it with hummus. The best breastfeeding snacks that are healthy and rich in nutrition

End Point

Above are all effortless breastfeeding snacks. Enjoy what you like! And increase your milk supply rapidly. What do you like the most, don’t forget to write your favorite recipes in the comment box to help new moms.