Breastfeeding Pain and Discomfort!


Breastfeeding is a burning topic that moms discuss often with each other. Although breastfeeding is a natural process for all mammals on this earth. There are many things new mom wants to know before starting it like-different positions while nursing the baby, hurdles of the breastfeeding including breastfeeding pain in nipples and breasts! about low milk supply  and power pumping

Is it normal to have pain while breastfeeding?

Yes. in the early stage breastfeeding causes pain and discomfort when your baby starts latching on. Your nipple pores are blocked before breastfeeding.

Pain is due to sore and tender nipples is quite normal till your letdown started. When your baby starts to suck your breasts, every hour, all should be normalized.

The second reason is when breast milk started to letdown, you feel strong cramps (like menstrual cramps). Because your uterus started to shrink back to the normal position after delivery.

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breastfeeding pain

Is it normal to feel pain after nursing?

It all depends upon your baby’s latching ability! If he latches properly, the pain remains for seconds with you (from the nipples to areola) and disappears.

The second reason if your baby latches wrong consistently without taking areola into the mouth, you feel pain while nursing. The results sore and crack nipples. Talk with your doctor about the situation to get rid of the breastfeeding pain and discomfort.

If you’re feeling continuous pain in your breasts, immediately stop feeding to the baby and change the breastfeeding position.

When your baby is latching the wrong, he doesn’t get enough  areas around the nipple(areola)

If breastfeeding position does not work and the pain persists, there might be something wrong, you head to the lactational consultant to discuss the breastfeeding pain and discomfort.

Can mon still breastfeed with breast infection?

Yes, continue breastfeeding can help to clear many breastfeeding problems, like milk bleb, thrush, or clogged milk ducts. If pain remains for days, better to see your lactation consultant.

What else can cause breastfeeding pain & discomfort?

Tongue Tie

breastfeeding pain and discomfort

It’s a condition where baby can’t move his tongue the way he wants? Because the baby’s frenulum (thick or tight band of tissue under the tongue) is short. It creates a problem for the baby while latching on the breasts.

This problem sorts out itself a few months it. But tongue-tie causes breast pain while nursing the baby. So, consult your doctor to ease the breastfeeding pain.


It’s a medical condition where a yeast-like fungus(Candida albicans) occurs on your nipples and in the baby’s mouth. It’s most common with mothers who have a vaginal yeast infection or cracked nipples.


breastfeeding pain and discomfort

Engorgement is a condition when the breast overfills with milk and you feel breasts are full when you touch the breast, these become hard and painful. Even your nipples flattened and tight.

This condition occurs when you skip feedings. And milk accumulated in the breasts.


The above problems give birth to Mastitis. The most painful inflammation of breasts results in pain, swelling, warmness and redness due to engorgement and thrush.

Sometimes mastitis involves infection also. Don’t try home remedies to get fix it. Make an appointment with a doctor ASAP.

Breastfeeding Problems cause pain and discomfort

Sometimes minor problems also cause breast pain. But if these left uncaring maybe becomes major breastfeeding problems:-

Low Milk Supply

Many moms deal with low milk supply. And it causes due to unintentionally breastfeeding mistakes & pumping mistakes made by mom.

These breastfeeding problems are caused because of hormones or medical history. Your doctor helps you better to cure the problem. You can increase milk supply with the given tips. Proper foods, snacks, smoothies, and breastfeeding must-haves also help a lot to cure the problems.

Breastfeeding pain in nipples

breastfeeding pain and discomfort

Nipple pain differs from breastfeeding pain. But avoiding any breastfeeding pain and discomfort may result in a big issue. As already discussed above.

Some women have inverted nipples or flat nipples. These nipples do not erect even when baby latches on. This condition also causes pain and discomfort. Your lactation must sort out the problems. He suggests to you how to make breastfeeding easier with flat nipples.

Other nipple pain includes:-

  • when baby biting the nipple while nursing
  • baby’s an improper latch
  • wrong feeding position
  • wrong flange or shield while pumping

How to reduce nipple pain?

Nipple biting-Babies become fussy if they don’t get proper milk supply or fail to latch properly on your nipples. Try to change the breastfeeding position to sort out the latching problem.

Put your areola(a circular area around the nipple) with nipple into the baby’s mouth to save your nipples from baby biting. This helps the baby to latch properly.

Cracked/chapped nipples

In the early days when you start breastfeeding, you feel dry, itchy, and sometimes sore nipples. If you ignore the problem and continue breastfeeding can lead to thrush.

So, the good advice is to heal cracked nipples with a Lanolin cream. These breastfeeding must-haves always keep nearby you.

Milk Bleb or Blister

Milk blister occurs when milk gets accumulated under a specific area of the breasts. Here are the home remedies to cure milk bleb easily. If this blister causes unbearable pain to talk to your doctor immediately.

Nipple Thrush

We discussed above thrush is a yeast infection. You can’t cure it at home. So please consult your doctor. What you can do only keeping yourself clean and hygiene. Keep your clothes clean with bleach or sundry.

Mostly, women try to sort out problems at home. But breastfeeding problems, not minor cuts or wounds that can be cured with home remedies.

Before getting these pains to worsen talk to your lactation consultant and get proper medication.

What you should do to ease breastfeeding and nipple pain?

In minor cases, you can ease breastfeeding pain, below are a few homes remedies for breast pain:-

  • Make sure that your baby latches properly every time you feed
  • Consult your doctor to prescribe you a cream for sore nipples
  • Always use a perfect nipple shield if you’re a pumping mom
  • Try to feed your baby for extended periods rather than a short period
  • Always wear a comfortable nursing bra while breastfeeding
  • Try different breastfeeding positions to drain the breasts fully
  • Put cool compresses or ice bag on the engorged breast after each feeding
  • Keep yourself hydrated while nursing
  • Be stressless and sleep soundly
  • Use a nipple shield when you breastfeeding. It protects the nipples rubbing against the clothes
  • Always take a warm bath or use a warm bottle, before nursing your kid. Try to keep your nipple dry if you have a yeast infection. Because moisture increases the infection.
  • If you have sore or cracked nipples then pumping for 2 or 3 days is a good idea.

however, if you’re unable to feed your baby with this breastfeeding pain and discomfort visit your caretaker or lactation consultant for proper treatment.