Breastfeeding Must-Haves For New Mothers


Breastfeeding is a diverse and very important part of the whole motherhood journey. It’s natural but it doesn’t come easy. Breastfeeding takes a lot of practice and patience. These Breastfeeding must-haves will smoothen your breastfeeding journey.

In my case, I had ample milk supply but it can differ from mother to mother. Whatever might be the case, you can always increase your milk supply or at least find an alternative.

I myself was conjured with many questions concerning breastfeeding. Some of them were relevant, others just stupid- Is my baby feeding enough? Do I have sufficient milk supply? How long does it take to establish a good milk supply?  Should I breast pump? Should I take supplements? Etc.. etc.

It doesn’t have to be necessarily hard to resolve all these breastfeeding issues but in today’s world, techniques, and these breastfeeding must-haves made it all easy.

It’s never too late to stock yourself up these breastfeeding must-haves. You will be more at ease if you stock these up before your postpartum begins but you can always add them in your postpartum essential list.

Breastfeeding Must-Haves For New Mothers.

1. Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding must-haves

Nursing pillows help you support your baby close to your body and gives your arms a rest. It’s a C-shaped pillow that holds your baby close to your breasts, skin-to-skin.

Your breast milk supply majorly depends on breastfeeding positions and on your latch. Nursing pillows allow you better breastfeeding positions and help you to allow better milk production.

Before I had them, my back was a damaged case and my arm had lost its will to live. Having to breastfeed your baby on your hands 24*7 wasn’t easy.

C-section doesn’t only free your arms but also provide you with back support. Nursing pillows now come in many shapes and sizes. Breast friend nursing pillows come with a belt that goes around your waist cupping it firmly on your stomach. It also has a strong but that doesn’t let it fall downwards.

The Breast friend pillow comes with side pocket that you can use to put important bottles or whatever you need.

2. Nursing bras

Breastfeeding must-haves

Nursing bras and nursing tank tops are another savior breastfeeding must-haves that smoothen your journey. You don’t have to hassle with your clothes every time you need to breastfeed.

You can just unhook the bra straps and give easy access to the baby.

3. Nipple Ointment

Breastfeeding must-haves

Chapped nipples are a real thing. In fact, you will notice them at a very early stage of breastfeeding. Some mothers have witnessed chapped/cracked nipples early in the hospital itself.

Continous breastfeeding with sore, chapped nipples gets further itchy. It’s important that you heal your nipples and take good care of them instead of ignoring the pain.

There are many chemical/chemical-free/organic/non-organic nipple creams to heal your sore nipples. Lanolin is a thing consistency cream used in healing cracked nipples.

Some brands also offer organic nipple creams. These are EarthMama, MotherLove. You can find many other organic options for yourself in the market.

Your own breast milk is also a great healer for chapped/cracked dry nipples. If you wish to not use organic/creams, you can always use your own breast milk.

4. Breastfeeding Must-Haves- Booby Tubes

Babies breastfeed 24*7 or close to it. It’s inevitable that your breasts will sore up. Breasts also will feel heavy or sometimes have clogged milk ducts, even engorgement. Booby tubes bring you great comfort at times like these.

These are cooling/heating pads that you can wrap around your breasts and feel instant relief. You can either warm these wraps up or use them as cool pads. It’s your call.

Booby Tubes are organic that wrap your breasts up and have a round shield design to relieve you from the pain.

5. Haakaa Pumps

Breastfeeding must-haves

Haakaa pump is a lifesaver. You will normally have extra milk after you finish every feeding. Haakaa pump helps you save this let down through self-suction.

You don’t have to manually pump it or need electricity for it to work. Just plug it on your breasts, and will do the rest.

Haakaa pumps outlive every other pump because it doesn’t completely empty your breasts. Emptying your whole breasts will ask your body to stimulate more milk that you don’t need at the moment.

Too much milk production can lead to engorgement. Hence, the Haakaa pump expresses the milk and yet doesn’t completely empties it.

6. Pumping

Meanwhile, the Haakaa pump extracts the extra milk flow. Manual/electric pumping completely empty your breasts, as mentioned.

This technique comes handy when you start to stash your milk supply to bottle feed your baby.

7. Let there be Milk

Let there be milk is a supplement potion that you can mix in with your drinks to support your milk supply.

If you are dealing with irregular milk supply due to skipped/scheduled breastfeeding/pumping session. Let there be milk will keep you on the track.

Though experiments lack proof of milk supply increase after taking these supplements, mothers talk bravely about their magic.

Consult your doctors before taking in any kind of supplements.

8. Nursing Nipple Pads

Nursing nipple pads is to soak the extra drops of milk after you finish feeding your baby. There are times when you wouldn’t need a pump to store the milk because they’d be just a few drops.

Instead, these pumps will help soak up the milk saving you from ruined clothes and stickiness.

These Pads are disposable and you can stick them up whenever going out or otherwise under your bras.