Breastfeeding Mistakes That Can Ruin Breast Milk Supply!


Are you making one of these breastfeeding mistakes that can slow down your breast milk supply?

Many new moms often do this unknowingly and contribute to their low breast milk supply!

I know if you’re reading this article that means you’re facing some breastfeeding problems? Before delivery, you had read all nursing books and made a lot of online researches with great hopes and belief you’re entering in the motherhood journey.

breastfeeding mistakes

Reading books or blogs are not sufficient for diagnosis of a sensitive topic like breastfeeding. The blogs and books can only help you to figure out your problem but they can’t treat your problem. You head to lactation or doctor for better treatment.

Although, breastfeeding is a natural process, Whether it’s from a lack of education about nursing or myths perpetuated by around. It’s very easy for new moms to make these 11 breastfeeding mistakes! But nothing to worry, know what are these breastfeeding mistakes and avoid these to stable your milk supply.

11 Breastfeeding Mistakes That Can Ruin Breast Milk Supply & How To Fix Them?

1.Taking Breastfeeding Pain Normally

Breastfeeding mistakes

Although, the first days when you start to breastfeed, the pain is normal and expected when the baby starts to suckle on your breasts. But if the pain continues for days that means something is wrong. Maybe you suffer from-

  • poor latch
  • engorgement
  • baby’s tongue-tie
  • milk blebs
  • mastitis

The best advice ever to visit your lactation consultant if you’re dealing with pain for many days. They will help you figure out what is the root cause of this pain and how to handle it.

2. Nursing on A Schedule


This one is a major mistake new moms often make, feeding their baby on a schedule. According to La Leche League International, trying to keep your baby on a schedule can actually decrease your milk supply and lower your milk’s fat content.

Do you know when your baby was in your womb how did it feed? Your baby was fed many times a day when needed naturally, no schedule, no fixed time!

Why are you fixing the time for the baby now? The baby won’t know what is a schedule? Newborn wants to feed when he feels hungry. So, go with cues. Feed the baby when he urges. It helps your body to make more milk.

3. Introducing Bottle or Pacifiers Too Early is one of the silly breastfeeding mistakes

What To Expect noted that introducing a bottle before you’ve set up and established breastfeeding successfully could make your set up failure. Because bottles or pacifiers are easier to suckle on than nipples.

This act messes up your milk supply. Wait for the right time at least 6 months after the baby’s birth for introducing a bottle or pacifier.

4. Don’t Trust Your Instincts about the baby isn’t getting enough milk

Mostly, moms think that their baby is not getting enough and still is hungry. But you must testify your baby’s food intake before introducing supplements

La Leche League International noted that it’s important to know the signs that your baby is getting enough milk-

  • If your baby is gaining weight
  • diaper counts are good

This means your milk supply is good enough. You have to do only one thing, feed your baby on demand. That’s all, the problem is solved!

5. About Pumping the milk

Your pump is not like the baby! Your baby’s suckling ability is more efficient than a pump. A good latch indicates the body to make more milk.

We often misunderstand pumping. Normal pumping will empty your breasts and stimulate more milk production. It’s okay if you don’t see enough milk in your pump. A low milk pump is definitely not a piece of evidence to low milk supply.

Consult your lactational specialist before jumping onto any conclusion!

Otherwise, continue to pump and be rest assured that your baby is gaining just fine weight and having wet and dirty diapers indicate a good milk supply,

6. Skipping Nursing sessions

Although your milk supply is balanced with nursing sessions. A single skip won’t affect your milk supply drastically.

The danger of decreased milk supply lies in skipping feedings frequently. Continue to breastfeed on demand and emptying your breasts through pumping. It stimulates your milk supply to grow.

How often you feed your baby, your hormones signal boobs to make more milk. 

Try to not skip your feeding session, it is one of the major breastfeeding mistakes.

7. Breastfeeding mistakes of thinking about Supplements & Galactagogues

According to consultant Sarah Lester, one of the breastfeeding mistakes moms often do is using supplements and galactagogues as miracles. “Milk removal needs to be sufficient and efficient in order for milk supply to increase,” she says.

Feeding on demand and increasing the pumping session itself work well to maintain a good milk supply.

But relying on supplements and galactagogues won’t help. “Galactogogues serve a purpose but they won’t work unless you increase the number of times you demand your body to make milk,” Lester says.

Try to fix sudden low milk supply with nursing and pumping sessions before relying on herbs, supplements, and galactagogues to increase your milk supply.

Here are the best lactation foods and snakes to increase milk supply fast.

8. Cutting certain foods from the diet

According to Kristin Gourley, most common breastfeeding mistakes she notices that moms are cutting goods out of their diet without a solid reason.

“Yes, some babies have true allergies or sensitivities, but most moms can eat whatever they want without causing baby issues,” she says. “In fact, a wide variety of foods causes slight changes in the taste of the milk preparing baby for the future diet of the family.”

Kelly Mom advises that, obviously, if you think your child has an allergy with a certain food then you can avoid it, but you’re not certain don’t restrict it from your diet as a breastfeeding mom before consulting your doctors

9. Ignoring your own hunger and thirst

Nursing can take a lot out of your body that can make you weak and exhausted. You feel tired physically and mentally.

Ignoring your thirst and hunger leads to a great breastfeeding mistake. You need more than usual while nursing your baby. Already your body has lost much nutrition during delivery. And now you’re nursing mom.

Taking care of newborns doesn’t allow you to give much attention to yourself. But it’s most important to take prenatal vitamins as long as you’re breastfeeding to maintain the nutrition levels up.

Consult your doctors about it fist!

How to take care of yourself while breastfeeding is most important for a new mom.

10. A huge Breastfeeding mistakes to think All Hope is lost

The biggest breastfeeding mistake ever moms make is to lose all the hope about low milk supply!

There is nothing to panic, nature makes the mother body to produce sufficient milk for their baby. Nothing is impossible in this world. Efforts make all things possible. So, do it!

Anyhow if your milk supply is not appropriate. It does not mean all hope is lost because you’re taking supplements, or you want to go back on work, or what you planned not worked well!

Gourley says, “You can work through almost anything with the right support,” Reach out a lactation to sort of problem, They will help you with the right tools you need.

11. Not Asking for help

This one is a huge breastfeeding mistake for not asking for help. Moms think that they can solve their breastfeeding problems on their own.

Don’t make your own decisions regarding the low supply issue. The March of Dimes noted that it takes time for you and your baby to get the hang of breastfeeding.

Don’t panic and don’t be afraid to reach out to your lactation consultant to ask for help and support. You can sort out your supply problem with their help.