Breastfeeding Foods To Avoid While Nursing


You have decided to breastfeed the baby. The best decision because breast milk is the main source of nutrition a baby needs for the first 6 months. But there are certain breastfeeding foods to avoid while nursing.

However our breast milk is regulated by our own body and what we eat, affects the content of the breast milk. These are certain breastfeeding foods that cause gas, colic, and constipation in the baby.

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foods to avoid

If the baby is fussy that means new mom’s life becomes harder, as already she is suffering from postpartum depression.

The list is not so long but you have to avoid certain foods including alcohol, caffeine, and other foods that were prohibited during pregnancy also.

Before starting what not to while breastfeeding. Here the foods and snacks list that increases your milk supply.

Clearly, it is not a complete list but just a few foods that I took away from my breastfeeding diet. Because I did not want my baby to suffer from what I eat while breastfeeding!

Foods and Drinks to Avoid While Breastfeeding

1. Fish Rich In Mercury

breastfeeding foods to avoid

Fishes are great sources of proteins, omega-3, and fatty acids and are ok if you eat these foods in moderation amount during nursing your baby.

But certain fishes such as swordfish and king mackerel contain unhealthy chemicals like mercury. And this mercury makes a way into your breast milk and it can harm your little one. That is the reason not to eat these fishes more than six ounces twice a week.

If you are great fond of fishes, choose a fish that contain lower mercury-like tilapia, salmon, and trout.

I was restricted to eat Sushi during pregnancy because it contains bacteria and parasites. And the same your lactational cinsultant will advise you to limit this fish during nursing. But it’s ok if you love that fish you can eat but only from a reputed restaurant.

Coffee and Tea

After breastfeeding and pumping middle-of-the-night sessions, definitely you want a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Many moms are habitual to take tea or coffee during the day also.

While it’s not strictly cut off from your breastfeeding diet but be careful to drink too many times a day.

The coffee and tea contain caffeine and end up in breast milk. Caffeine makes it difficult to take even nap both of you.

The tiny baby’s body is not like us. So, consuming caffeine through breast milk makes them awake and can ruin their sleeping schedule.

You must like the topic of mom hacks that make your life easy and comfortable with a newborn and how to play with your newborn while nursing him.


If you’re not taking alcohol that’s the best and the safe idea for your baby while breastfeeding. But sometimes when you want to drink alcohol, timing and moderation are the key factors.

Alcohol takes a few hours to metabolize and after metabolizing it’s no longer in your bloodstream and breast milk. So, if you want to drink alcohol wait till your last nursing session.

This act gives your body sufficient time to metabolize the alcohol and it doesn’t adversely affect your baby when you again start breastfeeding your baby.


breastfeeding foods to avoid

Dark chocolate contains a substance called theobromine. And theobromine affects the body like caffeine.

However, if breastfeeding mothers consuming dark chocolate more than 750mg of theobromine a day that means you disturb the baby’s sleep.

So, if your baby is fussy, irritated, and has a running stool, eliminate the dark chocolate for a week or two that will clarify if chocolate is the main issue of your child’s irritation.

Parsley, Peppermint, and Sage

Eating too much parsley, peppermint, sage, and other herbs should be avoided while nursing because these may decrease milk supply. Again timing and moderation are the keys.

It’s the best idea to avoid them altogether if your baby is on a growth spurt.


breastfeeding foods to avoid

What you eat adds up to your breast milk and your baby enjoys different flavors and smells while nursing.

But you know your baby hates the smell of garlic and onion. Really babies don’t like the strong smell of these herbs and may refuse your breasts if you have garlic in your meal.

Foods that cause “Gas”

Foods and vegetables like cabbage, beans, sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower may cause gas problems with you and little one.

While burping, passing gas, and bloating occur in babies after eating these breastfeeding foods to avoid in your meals.

How To Know That Certain Breastfeeding foods to avoid

Every food you eat directly affects your milk supply and possibly cause an adverse reaction with the newborn. Maybe your baby becomes more gassy and fussy.

So, it’s most important to know the causes and reactions of the baby after breastfeeding.

These reactions are:-

  • Eczema or red rashes on the baby
  • Congestion
  • Abnormal Fussiness and irritation
  • Excessive Gassy baby
  • Diarrhea

These are possible symptoms that warn you about breastfeeding foods to avoid.

Other conditions are there like an allergy to certain soaps and perfumes. Baby hates some kinds of smell also. So, wisely use body spray and perfumes.