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Breast Sagging- Causes, Preventions, Tips!



breasts sagging
Breasts sagging

Pregnancy, motherhood & parenting was life-changing but with this ever life-changing trip, your body changes, too. You get bigger, your body expands, your breasts get bigger and saggy as well.

Needless to say, it’s natural. All the after-delivery filtrations are beautiful but there is no harm wanting your pre-baby body shape. Breast sagging is one of these changes that I embraced until I breastfed my baby but it was time I go back to wearing my sexy lingerie. And damn I wanted my breasts back.

breasts sagging
breasts sagging
breasts sagging

1. What is Breast Sagging?

Breast sagging

There is not a certain age for breasts to become saggy. You can see it widespread among ages. Though there are multiple reasons why breasts sag, you can always get their shape back.

Breast sagging is when your breasts appear droopy & deflated. This happens when the ligaments that support your breast up flatten and stretch out.

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2. What Causes Breast Sagging?

There are many factors that cause breast sagging. A very ground-breaking myth that goes around among mothers is, breastfeeding causes breast sagging.

Despite the widespread myth, there is no proof to support this myth. The real problems that might cause breast sagging are:

2.1. When Not Breastfeeding/Pregnant.

  • Gravity: Gravity pulls your weights down. This pulling down of your breasts can stretch out your breast ligaments.
  • An unhealthy BMI. An unhealthy weight can lead to many issues, not just breast sagging. It’s never too late to maintain a good BMI. Simple exercises, eating healthy, yoga, and meditation can help you through.
  • Sudden increase or decrease in weight. Sudden increase or decrease in your body weight can cause disturbance to your body leaving it confused. This sudden change can stretch or thin out your breasts.
  • Size of your breasts. Smaller breasts tend to stay put for a longer time than heavier breasts. Heavier breasts act faster upon gravity and get stretched out.
  • Age. Age gets to us sooner or later. It’s beautiful that way. You start to embrace yourself and all of it. When your body ages, you start to lose skin elasticity. This results in breast sagging.

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2.2. When Breastfeeding/Pregnant

Multiple pregnancies. Multiple pregnancies indicate your body to produce milk every once in a while. This continuous production of milk despite not breastfeeding results in stretching your breast ligaments.

Unhealthy Pregnancy weight. It’s recommended to get pregnant only when you are in the right BMI, body mass index. If your weight wasn’t healthy while conceiving or when you were pregnant or post-delivery, breast sagging can be a by-product.

Early/Abrupt weaning. Early/abrupt weaning is when you suddenly stop to breastfeed. This sudden change can confuse your body and might not result in the favorable conditions you expect.

3. How To Prevent Breast Sagging?

Breast sagging

If your concerns for breast sagging is breastfeeding or pregnancy, don’t worry. Your body would eventually go back to its usual shape & size. Similarly, once you start to gradually wean off, your breast would eventually go back to their normal shape & size.

This process of breast shrinking back to their normal shape & size after weaning off is called breast involution. The tissues that produce milk will go down in numbers, taking their pre breastfeeding shape.

  • Gradual Weaning. 

We discussed briefly how abrupt weaning can lead to breast sagging. WHO recommends exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months and then gradually weaning off with solid food and a little bit of breast milk.

Take your time, after six months, you can introduce a bottle to your baby and slowly add solid food in their diet. After a year, your body would be well understood that it’s time to wean off and will go back to its normal shape & size.

  • Do Not Schedule Breastfeeding

Breast sagging

Scheduling breastfeeding session results in an irregular or insufficient milk supply to even start with. Irregular breast milk supply will again confuse the body and result in breast sagging.

Another demerit of a scheduling breastfeeding session, you will be left behind with engorgement, clogged milk ducts. If engorgement persists and clogged milk ducts are a daily issue, these will, in the end, result in breast sagging.

So, breastfeed on demand. If your baby is full, you pump the extra milk out. Keeping your breasts heavy with milk is not good for your breasts, breastfeeding, milk production, or your baby.

  • Breastfeeding Latch & Positions

Breastfeeding Positions and latch play a vital role in establishing a good milk supply and sure your child’s health. Why? An improper breastfeeding position will lead to an improper latch, that ultimately will hinder or completely cut out your baby from feeding upon you.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position and continuously latch your baby properly. Latching is the connectivity between your baby’s mouth and your breasts. A proper latch should allow a better milk flow, will help you avoid clogged milk ducts or worse, Engorgement. 

An improper latch will irritate your baby and hinder its feeding session. Your baby might get irritated and bite or twist your nipples, stretching them out.

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Wearing a supportive nursing bra has many benefits. First, it provides easy breast access to your baby. Second, it’s comfortable. That is, neither tight not too loose.

Third, breastfeeding doesn’t block or strain your breast facilitating a good milk flow and blood circulation

While other bras might strain your breasts leading to improper milk supply and blood circulation. A normal bra can also lead to engorgement at times of breastfeeding. Hence, always opt for a nursing bra.

  • Breast/Body Massage.

Postpartum comes with many sore spots. The after-delivery effect can stretch and stress your body. Getting a massage will soothe and smoothen your body.

Getting a breast massage will not only help you texture your breasts, but it also helps to unclog milk duct and enhance good milk flow.

You can either massage yourself or ask your husband for a little help. I say you gift yourself some spa time, take a day off, and relax.

  • Don’t Avoid Pain

If you notice, at any point in breastfeeding, unavoidable pain, visit your doctors. It’s not good to avoid pain. Mild discomfort at the start of breastfeeding is normal.

But continuous pain can be an underlying issue. Visit your doctor and have a healthy talk about your diet, breastfeeding positions, latching.

End Word

Regardless, we are beautiful just the way we are. There are no beauty measures that can define you. You are a beautiful creation of this universe and you mustn’t forget this.

Love yourself and sure, do whatever that makes you feel happy. If perky breasts make you happy, so be it! If saggy breasts make you happy, so be it.

Do not let the world define you. Your happiness, your beauty stars with you, and you only. So love yourself.

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breasts sagging