8 Baby Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make Often!


Do you get frustrated because the baby doesn’t sleep through the night and neither do you? Are you wondering what baby sleep mistakes you made? Do you want to fix these 8 baby sleep mistakes?

Definitely, you want to. In this post, we’re going to discuss what are these newborn sleep mistakes made by new parents unknowingly!

These common newborn sleep mistakes not only ruin your sleep but affect your relationship too. How? I’ll tell you.

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baby sleep mistakes

You’re already fighting with postpartum depression-like sickness, anxiety, missing work, a lot of postpartum bleeding, and breastfeeding.

You’re dealing with a lot of stress and the most dangerous thing is that you can’t sleep well. This makes you tiresome. Lack of sleep lessens your ability to deal with routine chores. And the result, you become irritated.

Now you can understand well what I’m talking about! So, ladies get ready to know what are common baby sleep mistakes and how to “easily fix them”?

8 Baby Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make Often!

1. Skipping bedtime routine

Every person has a bed-time routine while going to bed. Like watching TV before going to bed or listening to music, etc. Skipping your preferred bedtime routine can ruin your sleep!

Usually, I listen to “Osho” it relaxes my mind and sleeps catch upon me. My hubby is the luckiest man in the world because he doesn’t need any bedtime routine to sleep.

He has the ability to sleep anywhere even in sitting posture like a horse can sleep well in standing mode. His sleep ability is awesome and god gifted. May God bless all of us also with his sleeping ability.

So, our babies are no different. They also need a bedtime routine. This bedtime routine helps newborn babies to relax before going into the crib.

According to Megan Faure, author of The BabySense Secret.“A bedtime routine is an easy strategy that makes a world of difference in how quickly your baby will settle to sleep and how much support he’ll need to fall asleep. As time- consuming or rigid as it may feel, it saves you time and energy in the long run.”

Yes, ignoring or skipping the bedtime routine is one of the common baby sleep mistakes new parents do!

Try it, one hour before you want to put your baby to sleep (6 to 7 Pm is the ideal bedtime for the newborn).

  • Close the curtain
  • use light dimmer
  • prepare bottle and pacifier
  • keep a few storybooks ready
  • a warm bath also helps
  • sing or play a lullaby

After preparation, feed the baby in your lap in the nursery. Read a story in a soft voice while feeding the baby or gently finger massage on the head scalp to make your baby drowsy.

Here are the ways you can play with the newborn to distract his little mind.

2. Ignoring the baby’s sleeping cues

baby sleep mistakes

Often babies show some sleeping cues that we ignore because we are brand new moms. No worries, I’ll tell you all the cues:-

  • baby rubbing their eyes
  • yawning again and again
  • Baby is silent and slows down movement and activities
  • more fussy than usual
  • doesn’t show any interest in playing
  • The baby is tired.

If you miss these cues, OMG you will miss their sleep and your little monster will punish you. How? They’ll ruin your night

Nothing to fret if you skip the baby’s cues, remove the baby from the stimulation and take the baby to a quick and calm place, and patiently play with it for more time than usual.

This is an effective trick, try it to settle down your baby in the drowsy state.

3# Baby Sleep Mistake-Not Using A Sound Machine

baby sleep mistakes

Not using sound is a machine that also included common newborn sleep mistakes.

Sound machine reminds babies that they are still in the womb and this really soothe the babies.

The machine serves to neutralize all the noises at the home because it’s just impossible to stay all time calm at the home.

You can’t do chores without making a noise. If you make your baby habitual to sleep in a quiet place.

You’re doing baby sleep mistake. Because sudden noises make startle and baby wakes up from the nap.

A sound machine helps the baby to sleep soundly. It helps with baby’s sleep associations.

Make a routine using a sound machine in the baby’s room that will make the baby not wake up on the sudden startling.

4# Baby Sleep Mistakes- Not Swaddling The Baby Properly

A common newborn sleep mistakes new mom makes-not swaddling properly.

Many parents complain that babies hate the swaddle. Do you think why babies hate the swaddle? Because you swaddle them loose and baby bust out their hands and legs easily.

Swaddle them properly not too tight but one that your baby can’t bust his legs and hands. This tight swaddling makes the baby sleep well.

You can learn proper swaddling here.

5# Not Feeding during the day

Many parents attend baby sleep tips classes and allow their baby to sleep long stretches during the day time without feeding them. This one is great baby sleep mistakes. Because now the baby refuses to sleep at night as he already completed the sleep.

He becomes more active at night. Now the baby wants to play more, wants your breast to suck more often.

So, make sure your baby eats 2 or 3 times during the day. Wake him up every 2-3 hours if he sleeps longer in the day and feeds him.

This trick helps the baby not to lose weight. breastfeeding not only helps him remain active all day but helps him to sleep well at night.

Why it’s important to feed at day time?

All the day your baby needs to intake a specific amount of calories. If he doesn’t do so, he becomes fussier at night time. And wake more often to complete his day’s calories.

If you have low milk supply you can read the topic here to increase milk production.

6# Baby Sleep Mistakes-Baby not napping at day time

Many parents make complaints since they are advised not to let the newborn sleep too much the day time.

Napping does not mean sleep soundly. It means babies are waking up many times between naps during the day. Don’t let your baby sleep for hours.

Awake the baby every hour for feeding. Cluster feeding also helps better to make your baby full for the day and also sleep better at night.

The key is that he is feeder many times a day. Now no need to wake up the middle of the time (If you’re a pumping mom this article helps you the best) to feed more.

7# Creating yours Sleep Crutches

8 baby sleep mistakes
Cute baby boy swing automatic electrical chair

It is the middle of the night and your baby wakes up. What happened? You’re exhausted and irritated because already you made efforts to put the baby’s sleep. But he woke up again!

How did you put him back o sleep? What efforts do you make? Your answer includes rocking, nursing, walking, swinging, singing, dancing, rubbing his back, etc. Isn’t?

You know all these activities included in newborn sleep mistakes! Because when the baby grows 3 or 4 months old, these cuddling habits become sleep crutches or habits.

These are not bad behavior but baby make these routines as sleeping modes. He cannot drift off without these activities.

How could you manage in the middle of the night when he wakes up and urges for swinging or walking? What would happen when he wakes up many times at night?

would you every time sing a song, or swinging the baby? It’s impossible because already you’re tired and want to sleep.

So, put your baby on the bed drowsy, but not let him sleep you can play with him until he’ll learn to self-soothe and get himself back to sleep each time when he wakes up at night.

8# Putting the baby wherever to sleep

8 baby sleep mistakes

often you see that your baby sleeps in the stroller, car seat, or in the chair while breastfeeding. But these small naps are not adequate sleep for the baby.

This motion sleep keeps the baby’s mind in shallow sleep, not sound sleep.

Obviously, you want your baby to sleep well throughout the night. Make a solid strategy like a baby should have a familiar sleep zone,  cozy and darken space for naps and night sleep at a fixed time and the same place.

Try to stay consistent on this trick. If you’re going out for the night, or you have appointments or events, take the help of your family members or a baby sitter to put your baby sleep throughout the night.

End Point

“Expecting quick results when trying to change a habit you’ve created with your child for months and often years is not realistic,” says West. “Parents need to dedicate two to three weeks to sleep coaching to see significant changes in night sleep and naps.”

If you’re facing any one of these problems. You can fix these baby sleep mistakes with practice and patience. Any method needs some time to become regular.

New parents are unfamiliar with baby sleep. It doesn’t matter if you made these mistakes, now is the time to fix the baby’s sleep mistakes with time and effort, you and your baby and all the family members will sleep soundly at the night.